This hack allows you to save 10% of your electricity bill effortlessly!

In order to save on the electricity bill, it is important to have a constant review of the contracted rate, as well as to manage the devices you connect well. But a few small changes can save you a lot of money. In this article we are going to explain how you can save up to 10% of your bill each month. We are going to tell you a very useful method and also very simple to perform.

Save 10% of light with phantom consumption

Does an appliance at home use too much electricity

What is phantom consumption ? Basically everything that spends energy without really being necessary, but that in many cases we don’t realize. Surely now, while you read this article, and regardless of whether or not you are at home, you are consuming electricity that you could save. For example, the red LED on the television that stays on when you turn it off with the remote.

It is estimated that this phantom consumption more or less represents 10% of the total bill for a home. Sometimes it can even be something more, since it depends on the habits, the devices you use, etc. Television, video players, game consoles, kitchen appliances, chargers… All of this will contribute to phantom consumption.

Saving is easy, since in the vast majority of cases you can avoid this phantom consumption. It is true that there will be times when you are not interested, such as having a smart plug connected to be able to control a device remotely, but many times you will be able to do without that phantom energy expense that you do not need.

This can save you 10% of energy. It may not seem like a lot, but if you add it up over a year it can be an interesting amount. Think that what you pay for electricity each month drops 10% at once and you can calculate how much it would be in your case. Of course, as we say, this percentage is indicative, since it can be 7, 8, 12… It will depend on each case.

Using rulers, a good idea

Maybe you are thinking about how to avoid that phantom consumption and if it really is that simple. Basically it is to completely turn off everything that you are not going to use. If, for example, you are going on a trip, try to turn off as much as possible except, perhaps, the refrigerator and the router. When you go to sleep, when you go out to work for long hours and no one is home, on weekends when you spend more time outside… In all those moments you can take the opportunity to disconnect many things.

There the fact of having a power strip can help. Why is it useful? Take, for example, television. Maybe you have a game console, a video player or speakers that you always have plugged into the light. If you connect all those devices to the power strip, it is as easy as disconnecting it from the electricity and you will not have to go one by one removing each device.

You could do the same in the kitchen, where you may have the microwave and other appliances connected. For example, the microwave clock always on will consume electricity. The same if you have a computer and other devices in a room. You will be able to turn everything off at once.

In short, as you can see, you can save 10% on your electricity bill simply by controlling phantom consumption. It is very simple and is useful in order to save. Yes, you may need to have a good Internet connection, in case you use smart power strips. You can always analyze the best Wi-Fi channels and thus avoid interference.