This error prevents me from opening a PDF: how to solve it

The use of files in PDF format has become commonplace for most users, both on their computer locally and when browsing the Internet. One of the main reasons for all this is the versatility that these files offer us.

In these times we can use a PDF for multiple tasks, many of them related to the office automation sector. We found files with these characteristics that contain elements such as forms, manuals for all kinds of products, and much more. Hence, we have more and more software to work with these formats, either to edit them, apply certain effects, or simply view their content.

This error prevents me from opening a PDF

A clear example of all this can be found in current internet browsers . We tell you this because most of them are already trained to allow us to open and view the content of any PDF. In fact, some of these software proposals allow us to carry out various basic tasks on them in order to personalize them or adapt them to our needs. But with everything and with it, on certain occasions we can find some important errors that do not allow us to open these files .

It is precisely for all this that we are going to talk about the most common errors when trying to open a PDF so that you can solve it easily.

Error 109 when opening a PDF

To begin with, we will tell you that this is a bug that we are normally going to encounter when trying to open these office files with the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader program. Therefore, we could say that error 109 is directly related to the application we discussed. To try to solve it, the first thing we must do is update the software as such to its most current version.

Acrobat adobe

On the other hand, we also recommend you not to use the existing Adobe Reader extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers. And it is that it can be the cause of this error that we are talking about and that does not allow us to open the file.

PDF number out of range error

Here we are faced with another fairly common failure when trying to open these files. In fact, it can also appear when trying to carry out other actions related to the PDF itself. Hence, we can find ourselves with this problem on more occasions than we would like. This occurs when the program, for example, Acrobat, locates some problem in the structure of the file.

Therefore, to solve the error that we are talking about now, the first thing will be to open the PDF, even if it looks bad, and export it to PostScript with another name. We then open it with the Adobe Acrobat Distiller application to convert this PostScript file back to PDF , which should fix the problem. This is something that we can also carry out with other programs focused on working with these files.

Corrupted file error

Perhaps this is one of the most feared as well as common failures in this regard. And it is that when trying to open the content we find a message that tells us that the PDF is damaged, without further ado. Here we find some solutions that we can try to try to solve the failure . For example, we can make use of some external solutions as it happens in the case of the FormatPDF web application.

At the same time we find other simpler solutions such as trying to re-download the file from its original source again. If it’s your own creation, we could try copying all the content back into a new document and create the PDF with a different name. It is also recommended to update the application with which we are trying to open the file as such.