This Chromium feature checks your internet privacy

As is the case in most current software sectors, when choosing our web browser, we have a wide variety of alternatives. Some are better known than others, but they all have the same purpose. Here we are going to focus on an open source proposal such as Chromium.

At first, many confuse this program with the popular Google Chrome, and although they share many functions, they are two different applications. In fact, as we mentioned, Chromium is open source software, while Chrome is closed source. In the same way, we must bear in mind that this alternative to which we refer serves as a starting point for many other developers of this type of program.

This Chromium feature checks your internet privacy

With this, what we want to tell you is that other browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Opera, among many others, are based on Chromium. Likewise, for many it becomes an excellent program to move around the Internet and at the same time take care of our privacy . The main reason for all this is that it offers us many of the native features of Chrome, but without sending personal data to the search giant.

Therefore, it is a browser that is characterized by its smooth operation, security and functionality. Speaking of the privacy and security that these types of programs should offer us, next, we will talk about a feature that you will surely love. And it is that we must take into consideration that it will serve to protect us against vulnerabilities or leaks of our own data . This is a functionality that we find by default and that comes pre-installed in Chromium.

Take care of your privacy in the Chromium web browser

For all this that we tell you, the first thing we do is open the browser as such and then go to its configuration window. This is something that we achieve by clicking on the button located in the upper right corner and that is represented by three vertical points. In the list of options that appears, we only have to click on Settings .

This gives us access to the window from which we can manage and customize the program. In the case at hand and if we take a look at the left panel of it, we find the section called Privacy and security .

Privacidad y seguridad Chromium

Thus, once here and if we take a look at the top of the window, we find the function called Security Check . For the analysis process to start, all we have to do is click on the Check now button. At that moment, the Chromium browser itself will perform the security analysis as such, for which it takes a few seconds.

After that time we find the report generated by the program and that separates four well-differentiated sections. Specifically, we find the sections on Updates , Passwords , Secure Browsing and Extensions . In each of them, the browser will update us on the active security and privacy systems. In the same way, it will provide us with information about possible leaks of the passwords stored here.

Comprobación de seguridad