This Chrome sign shows you the security of the web

For some time now and largely thanks to browsers, we visit a huge number of web pages on a daily basis. Here we find all kinds of content, applications and platforms. But in all cases, security is a key element that developers of programs such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox must take care of.

Aware of the risks that we sometimes run when browsing, attackers are on the prowl using multiple routes. That is why browsers must have the corresponding security and privacy measures that try to avoid all of this. As a general rule, we can configure all these parameters to establish different levels of security depending on the use we make of the program.

This Chrome sign shows you the security of the web

We must bear in mind that Internet browsers, in addition to being our way of connecting to the network, must also serve as a filter for certain content . Generally we move through all kinds of web pages and sometimes we do not pay attention to the security that they offer us. All this despite the fact that programs like Google Chrome offer us a series of indicators and signals as a help in this regard.

For those of you who do not know how you can detect malicious web pages at a glance in the Google browser, we are going to help you. It is interesting to know that every time we connect to a new URL, the program itself lets us know the security level of the site we are going to visit . If we are a little cautious, we will be able to detect from the first moment those pages that could be considered potentially dangerous.

In order to achieve all this that we tell you, we only have to be a little attentive to the left part of the address bar .

This is how Chrome alerts you to dangerous websites

Specifically, if we take a look at the left part of the bar where we usually type the addresses of the websites, we can find 3 different icons. These are represented either by a padlock, a circle with the letter i, or a danger triangle. Depending on the protocols and the content used by that page that we are going to access, Google Chrome shows us one signal or another.

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It is precisely for this reason that we are going to talk in more detail about each of the icons that you can find in the Chrome address bar.

  • Padlock : this first option refers to the fact that we are carrying out a secure connection . This means that the information and data that we send or receive here will be private. With everything and with it we must be careful with the sensitive information that we share online.
  • Circle with the letter i : if we find this icon, we must take precautions. This means that this website does not use a private connection. Therefore, a malicious user could see or change the information sent or received. On some websites marked this way, we can try changing http:// to https:// by hand.
  • Red triangle : as Chrome itself makes it clear, the websites marked with this symbol are the ones we should avoid. At least it is recommended not to use personal or private information, and if possible, not to use the web at all. And it is that the privacy of the connection here presents serious flaws .