This application on your PC plunges you into 3D design

When we do a clean installation of the Windows operating system, by default we find a series of pre-installed applications. Some of them will be of great use to us on a day-to-day basis, while others focus on a more specific use. Belonging to the second category, we find 3D Viewer , an app that will surely surprise more than one person.

Among the tools that we mention and that come pre-installed, we find some as popular as Mail , Calculator , Paint, Weather, and much more. It goes without saying that these software solutions can be used daily on our computer to provide us with various utilities and information. However, there are other titles that we also find pre-installed but that will help us in other more specific tasks. The truth is that a good number of users consider that these programs that are found in Windows beforehand are more of a hindrance than anything else.

This application on your PC plunges you into 3D design

But what the software giant intends with all this is to make things easier for us from the first minute we start working with its system. Be that as it may, next, we want to focus on the proposal called 3D Viewer and some of its most interesting functions. First of all, we must know that to access it we only have to write its name in the Windows search box . We also easily located it in the system’s Start menu.

Once we have it on the screen, we will say that we are facing a powerful three-dimensional object file viewer. Obviously to use this application we will not have to pay a single euro . In addition, it offers us a user interface that is quite simple as well as intuitive.

Features you should know about the Windows 3D Viewer app

This means that, if we are used to using files in the form of 3D objects on our PC, this application included with Windows will be very helpful. Not only to see the designs as such, but also offers us a good amount of information related to all this and some very useful functions.

visor 3d windows Advanced 3D model information : As a general rule, these types of files focused on three-dimensional design contain a good amount of data. These will help us to work with the object independently, or for use in larger projects. Once we open that file in the 3D Viewer app, we must click on the Statistics and Shading button that is located in the upper right corner of the interface. On the screen will appear data related to the mesh used, the texture, animation, or scene.

Different views of the object : next to that tool we find another button called Grid and views. Here we find a series of controls that will allow us to visualize the 3D design that we have loaded in different ways. In this way we will have a much more extended visual of the object at our fingertips.

Environment and lighting : in turn, 3D Viewer offers us the possibility to implement certain changes in the loaded object in real time. To do this, we just have to go to the Environment and lighting section to apply some of the predefined textures. At the same time we find a control that allows us to modify the lighting of the scene based on our needs.