These streaming services are cheaper and better than Netflix

Initially, the cost of the monthly subscription of most video streaming platforms is affordable for a large part of the population. However, on many occasions there are several services of this type to which we are subscribed at the same time, so that amount of euros increases considerably.

In these times there are many who currently have several active subscriptions to video streaming services . To all this, we can add that, for example, it is also that in subscribers to the Spotify music service, among others. All this at a global level begins to become a significant amount of money that we must pay monthly. Hence, most users begin to compare the prices of each alternative in detail to choose some and discard others.

These streaming services are cheaper and better than Netflix

A clear example of all this can be found on Netflix , one of the oldest and most beloved alternatives, but it is not going through its best moment. The reason for all this is the problems that occurred with the restrictions on sharing accounts and that their prices have only gone up. To this we can add that over time other streaming platforms have appeared, sometimes even better, and cheaper. This is precisely why a growing number of users are unsubscribing from Netflix to opt for other more affordable proposals.

Pelis en Netflix

This is what we want to focus on next so that you can save and not waste your money when choosing a video streaming service.

Streaming platforms cheaper than Netflix

We start from the basis that the popular Netflix currently provides us, in its most affordable subscription, one with advertising at 5.49 euros. At the same time the Basic, valid for a single screen, costs 7.99 euros per month and we will not be able to go beyond HD video quality. That is precisely why many opt for choosing other similar or better options.

  • SkyShowtime: this is a proposal that has recently arrived in our country and that at this time we can subscribe to at half price forever. Therefore, we can do it for 2.99 euros , and valid for three screens. Once this promotion ends, the price will be 5.99 euros, a very attractive alternative.
  • HBO Max: here we find another proposal that is priced at 8.99 euros , yes, we can share the account with two other people , significantly reducing the monthly cost. Hence, it is becoming one of the most serious alternatives to Netflix.
  • Disney+: on the other hand, similar to the previous case, we find Disney+ , which costs 8.99 euros. Of course, as in HBO Max, here we will have the possibility of enjoying its contents on up to four screens simultaneously , which also greatly reduces the cost of the subscription when sharing it. Also, if we hire 1 whole year, we only pay the price of 10 months.
  • Amazon Prime Video: this is a subscription that is part of Amazon Prime that offers us many advantages when buying in this store. To also enjoy the video content we can pay a subscription of 4.99 euros per month or 49.99 if we do it annually.