These premium games and tools are now free for mobile

To improve the possibilities of your mobile, you don’t have to spend money, not even on games and tools, since today you can get these premium games and apps for free to enjoy them whenever you want on your Android phone and iPhone.

Take advantage of this offer as soon as possible since it is for a limited time, then they will have the same usual price again. If you download them, you can have them forever on your mobile without having to pay anything, even if you delete them you can recover them later. Go deleting other things to increase the memory of your mobile because you are going to need it.

These premium games and tools are now free for mobile

Free apps for android

Right now, there are 7 free games and there are still 2 premium tools that you can download for free, hurry up as there were some more that are now paid. Their prices range from 4 euros to around 49 cents depending on the game or tool in question, but now you won’t pay anything.

The most expensive is the camera app. The others have variable prices, so you will save on each of the downloads you make.

Coin Princess! juego gratis android

These are the premium downloads that you will now have for free for a limited time:

  • Coin Princess!- RPG game where you have to escape from a castle with demons
  • WeaponWar! – you must improve your weapon
  • Escape Balls – The Premium Game-2D arcade game with obstacles
  • WordMix Pro – to exercise your brain
  • Chicken Tournament – a conflict between a chicken and the farmer
  • Best U – Be happy and feel gre – to improve self-esteem
  • Hero’s 2nd Memory : Offline Sh- Shooting RPG
  • Premium Camera – to create unique shots with green screen background and timer
  • GFX Tool Pro- to activate HDR graphics, display FPS and adjust resolution, among other options

Many apps for 0 euros on iOS

Curiously, right now there are 7 games for iOS devices and 2 premium tools that you can download for free, we tell you what they are and what they consist of. Their prices are variable, from just over 5 euros to approximately 1 euro, since these are shown in dollars, although you will not pay a penny for them.

You will find very different options for you to find what interests you, even if you want you can have them all.

rey Arturo juego gratis ios

The games for iPhone that you can install right now without having to pay anything are:

  • Crystal Cove – Game to move a triangle and match three or more colors
  • ScrewAttapp – Reflex game and strategy
Developer: Mario Vega

  • Trippy Escape: Mindeater – Cordelia seeks to escape her own mind
  • Rise of King Arthur – Action RPG as Diablo where you seek to be the supreme king
  • Crazy Run – Running game
Crazy Run
Developer: Oscar Tsang

  • Pancak3r – Jenga-like game with pancakes
Developer: Hugh Trotter

  • Drop flop! – You must catch the ball after dropping it
  • WikiCompass – Detects where you are and offers you curiosities from Wikipedia
  • Maglev: Your Own AI Hedge Fund- You can store your notes as notifications

Do not hesitate to get free with everyone you want today and enjoy everything they offer you, since later you will have them for free for as long as you want. You can save a lot of money and they will provide many hours of fun on your mobile.