These LibreOffice Extensions Will Make You Love Spreadsheets

If we talk about Microsoft Office, surely many of you know this office suite. But there are many other very similar free options that you can use both at home and in the company. A clear example of all this can be found in the proposal called LibreOffice.

Here we are going to find a set of programs very similar to the popular ones from Microsoft, but without spending a single euro. To give you an idea, we will have a text editor, Writer , a program to create multimedia presentations, Impress , or a spreadsheet application, Calc. As you can see, these environments of use are very similar to those that Office normally proposes.

These LibreOffice Extensions Will Make You Love Spreadsheets

In addition to the attractive price that this suite offers us, zero, we will tell you that it is an open source project that is perfectly compatible with the office formats that we use regularly. This means that we won’t have any problems when opening and working with documents in DOCX or XLSX format, among many others. In turn, the programs that are part of LibreOffice allow us to use additional functions and elements such as macros, templates or extensions.

extensiones libreoffice

In fact, in these same lines we want to focus on a series of extensions that you can add to Calc to improve its performance . With these plugins, what we really achieve is to increase the functionality of the spreadsheet program in addition to saving time and effort. First of all, the first thing that we must take into consideration is that these extensions that we are going to talk about are offered by the same developers of the suite from their official website.

Extensions to use in LibreOffice Calc

As with Excel spreadsheets and other similar programs, these extensions or add- ons offer us additional functions to work better here. Hence precisely below we will talk about some very interesting for Calc.

  • Annual Profit Budget Sheet : keep your home or small business accounting up to date thanks to this extension focused on budget control. If we use a spreadsheet for personal accounting, this addition will solve many problems and make things easier.
  • Annuity Investment Calculator : Something similar happens if part of our work focuses on investments . This complement that we are talking about will allow us to calculate the profits and losses derived from all this in a much more visual way.
  • Seniority in the company : as its name suggests, if we control a company or own it, this extension helps us manage the seniority of our employees .
  • Bar-code 128B : if we add this element to LibreOffice Calc we can create barcodes of up to 20 characters directly and easily. This is something that can be useful both at home and in a small business.
  • Basic Operating Budget – This other extension allows us to create custom budgets to use in the spreadsheet program. Thus we do not find predefined elements of annual views, invoices , receipts or a sales report . At the same time we will have a wide variety of graphs to check all our operations in a more visual way.