These are the best astronomy websites

If you are an astronomy fan, in the absence of being able to see everything that interests you with your own eyes, having dozens or hundreds of websites and blogs on astronomy at your disposal helps everyone to start in this hobby and learn a little more every day.

the best astronomy websites

To help you avoid wasting time reaching web pages of dubious reputation and scientific validation, we are going to share some of the best astronomy websites.


Beyond the US space agency’s own website, which is full of multimedia and text resources, this website specializes in news coverage on space exploration, science and astronomy and all of it in Spanish, which, after all, After all, there are certain technicalities that are beyond the average level of English that one has.


On this website there is never a lack of updates on the space missions being carried out by NASA, the European Space Agency or any other that is of general interest to astronomy fans. If you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe to their social networks or their newsletter and it will be as if a friend of yours worked as an astronaut and told you everything that is happening beyond the borders of our planet.

Space Dashboard

Speaking of what lies beyond Earth, short of seeing it with your own eyes, at least technology can help you take an indiscreet look into space. Space Dashboard acts as a meeting point for what is happening in space right now.

Space Dashboard

Created by an astronomy enthusiast, this slick website serves as a one -stop-shop for all current space-related activities for a ton of things like: live streaming from the International Space Station, NASA TV, one of the best webcams of transmissions from space missions, the current position of the ISS on Earth, updated view of the outer atmosphere of the sun, its corona and plasma explosions, how many people are in space right now and who, etc.


This is a blog managed by Daniel Marín, an astrophysicist by training and a passionate scientific disseminator . This blog has received the 2012 Bitácoras Award and the 2015 20Blogs Award for the best blog in the science category, as well as the 2013 Naukas Award for the best popular science blog.


Inside you will find a blog that is updated very frequently so that you do not find outdated content. In it he deals with issues of astronautics and space missions with great depth and a precise language but very easy to understand for those of us who do not have his background, making the experience of reading this blog something highly recommended and enriching.