These Android games don't need the Internet and are a lot of fun

Current mobiles have enough capacity to run all kinds of video games, although we cannot always enjoy them, since there are some that require an Internet connection . However, there are plenty that don’t need it on Android and are extremely fun, so take a look at our selection.

It does not matter if you are out of the country, traveling by plane or simply have a limited data plan, since you can play anytime and anywhere without anything else mattering in the case of not having WiFi. In addition, all those present here are free in their entirety within the Google Play Store.

These Android games don't need the Internet

The best Android games without Internet

The fact that a game does not require an Internet connection to work does not mean that it is a bad title. In fact, there are some well-known cases that we present below and that you will love, above all, because there are installments belonging to all possible genres , whether you are a sports lover or if you are looking to get into war, since Android offers a variety tireless video game


Archero Android

One of the most challenging games on Android where you will test your skill and patience . Archero is a game that, a priori, seems easy to master, since you just have to control the character with your finger and release the screen to start shooting. The objective is to overcome the 50 floors that make up each level, which will not be easy, so be prepared to improve your equipment little by little and try your luck several times.


Pokémon Quest

pokemon quest

A delivery of Pokémon different from the others and with an RPG style that will captivate you . In Pokémon Quest you will have to increase your number of allies to go on an expedition to Rodacubo Island and discover the mystery that it hides together with the most classic Pokémon of the saga . The best thing is that you can put levels on automatic to farm experience in the case of not being available at all.

Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3d

If you like cars and racing, you won’t be able to stop playing Street Racing 3D. A video game with impressive graphics where the street races are incredibly frenetic. There is a catalog of more than 30 cars and different game modes that you can try to master, although to do so you must know all the streets perfectly.

Dumb Ways to Die 2

Dymb Ways to Die 2

A very fun Android game to pass the time when you don’t have Internet. Dumb Ways to Die 2 hides within it a large number of mini-games for your personal enjoyment. The aim is to react quickly to avoid dying lethally . The levels may seem somewhat complicated, but it’s all a matter of stopping to think about your movements and little by little you will find the solution to the puzzle.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter logo

Survival is the goal in Fallout Shelter after a nuclear apocalypse has devastated the Earth . Now, the few survivors that remain in the wasteland must seek refuge and it is you who must manage the resource, as well as the resources to keep them all alive. Go on expeditions or increase the number of inhabitants, expand your base and save humanity.

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

For the most classic there is Rayman Adventure. A completely free delivery on Android to play without WiFi or mobile data where you will have to recover the eggs from the Sacred Tree that have been stolen. The video game is hilarious and the soundtrack is spectacular, although we can’t forget the frantic gameplay and visual effects that will catch your attention in seconds.

Score! hero

Score Hero Android

In the case of being passionate about soccer, Score! Hero is for you. Create your own player and start in the lower categories to make a name for yourself in the world and end up winning the Champions League with the team of your dreams. To play you have to follow the trajectory of the ball with your fingers, which will give you a lot of precision, but there are times when the CPU seems impossible to beat, so here you are to prove him wrong.