These alternatives to iTunes will make you forget it forever

iOS, unlike Android, is a completely closed ecosystem where copying or extracting content is an odyssey, especially for Windows users, since the only tool that Apple makes available to us is iTunes, an application that has less and less It makes sense to use, especially among users we want to have freedom when copying or extracting any type of content, just like we can do with an external hard drive, flash drive or an Android smartphone.

Also, after the latest update, we can’t use this app to listen to Apple Music or view the catalog available on Apple TV+ either. It seems that Apple wants iPhone and iPad users to have to buy a Mac to be able to interact with their devices easily. Fortunately, this is not the case since we can find very complete applications on the market that allow us to interact with our iPhone as if it were an Android.

alternatives to iTunes


iFunbox is one of the best applications, if not the best, to be able to copy any type of content to and from the iPhone or iPad, be it photos, videos, music or any other type of file. The user interface of this application is very easy to use. As soon as the application is opened, once we connect the Apple device to the computer, it will recognize it and show us its image along with the serial number, total and available storage, and the iOS/iPadOS version number.

From the section on the left we can access the photos and videos stored on the device and drag them to our PC. We can also access the installed applications to copy files inside, as well as access the music files that we have downloaded to delete them if necessary or copy new ones to the Music application, something that we can do by dragging them directly from the folder where it is located. to the Music section. We can also copy ringtones, use the iPhone as a flash drive and much more. We can download iFunbox for free from its website .


Another interesting option that we also have at our disposal to interact with the content stored on our iOS device is iExplorer. This application offers us many more options than iFunbox, such as the possibility of managing contacts, messages, notes and others that may be useful to us at some point. But its main attraction is the possibility of copying content from our PC to the iPhone or iPad and vice versa in a very simple way, as if it were another storage unit.


The free version of this application is very limited in functions and if we want to get the most out of it, we will have to go through the box and buy the corresponding license, which is priced at 39 euros.


3uTools also offers us a wide range of possibilities when it comes to managing the data stored on our iPhone or iPad, although its purpose is not intended to copy data between devices, although it can, but to make backup copies, restore iOS devices, flash them , jailbreak them, activate DFU mode among others. This is a completely free application that does not include any type of limitation, being an excellent option, even if it is not translated into Spanish. We can download the application from this link .