These 5 car brands offer more than 3 years of warranty

As of 2022, car brands are required to have a minimum 3-year warranty. Even so, there are brands that give up to 7 years, such as Kia. This is because in April 2021 a new rule was approved that established that from the year 2022 vehicle brands should extend their minimum warranty offered by the manufacturer from 2 to 3 years. But, which are the most reliable?

The minimum guarantees go from 2 to 3 years

These 5 car brands offer more than 3 years of warranty

This year 2022 has seen important changes in the automotive sector and in sustainable mobility. For example, in cities like Madrid, restrictions have been extended in certain circulation areas (Madrid360) and the modification of the circulation tax based on the WLTP cycle will affect the price of most cars sold.

On the other hand, and as something that affects most brands, Royal Decree-Law 7/2021 also came into force in order to guarantee the right of the consumer with regard to the conditions of sale of new vehicles . Or what is the same; Starting in 2022, new cars will offer a 3-year guarantee by law.

This, as such, is a guarantee law (which affects all new consumer goods) that also extends the period that obliges brands to offer spare parts and the possibility of repair to motorists. Thus, from 2022, manufacturers must have spare parts up to ten years after they stop manufacturing the car, compared to five years before. Now, which brands give a more reliable and long-lasting solution?

Those from Toyota and Lexus have a 10-year warranty.

Because you may not know it, but there are two types of guarantee when buying a new car that should be distinguished. On the one hand there is the legal guarantee, mandatory by law ; and on the other, the commercial guarantee, a complementary commitment offered by some manufacturers.

The regulatory change affects only the legal guarantee, the details of which are established in the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, but many brands are also expanding the commercial guarantee to offer a better after-sales service than that of the competition. And that, although there were already manufacturers that had a superior guarantee, has also done so because others have improved these conditions.

Garantía coches nuevos 3 años

Thus, with the extension from two to three years of warranty, many car brands have been affected. In this sense, it leads the Toyota and Lexus ranking, with a 10-year guarantee , provided that maintenance is carried out in the brand’s dealer network.


Lexus has created the Lexus Relax program. This company has been recognized in many market studies carried out with clients as the most reliable on the market. A reliability that this manufacturer now transfers to its customers, offering up to ten years of guarantee, or 160,000 km.

The operation of this product is very simple: if the customer complies with the maintenance program for his vehicle in the Lexus Authorized Center Network once the three-year warranty has expired, he will enjoy an additional year or 15,000 km.
Lexus Relax coverage includes all kinds of manufacturing defects of mechanical elements such as engine, gearbox, battery and hybrid components, propulsion system, steering, brakes, heating, air conditioning, electrical system…


Toyota Spain has launched the Toyota Relax program. In general, the operation is the same as that offered by its sister brand, Lexus, with up to a decade of warranty. In other words, it offers customers the possibility of extending the guarantee at no additional cost, provided that the maintenance is correctly carried out at a center in its Official Dealership Network.

From the fourth year, the customer gets an additional year of coverage, or an additional 15,000 km. In the case of the components of the electric hybrid system of the Toyota Electric Hybrid models, the coverage also goes from the five years they had to the maximum of ten now available.


In the case of Kia, the Asian brand offers its customers an important commitment to quality: all its new cars are covered by a guarantee of seven years or 150,000 km (whichever comes first).

If the customer performs periodic maintenance on his vehicle at authorized Kia centers, this warranty can be transferred to subsequent owners, in the event the vehicle is sold before seven years. Logically, this coverage covers manufacturing or assembly faults during normal use of the vehicle.


Hyundai has become a brand admired for its design and technology. Its five-year warranty is an important added value for its potential customers, who value the peace of mind of having such an extensive coverage period.

The Korean-born builder offers five years of unlimited commitment. Or what is the same; they are five years with unlimited mileage and also include five years of roadside assistance. Therefore, it is an option to take into account when it comes to purchasing a vehicle to travel a lot and often.


Because having the security of having an extensive warranty period is one of the most demanded requirements when buying a car. This is what Mitsubishi does, which makes its new cars have coverage for five years or 100,000 km.

In the case of plug-in hybrid PHEV models, the battery pack sees this period extended to 8 years or 160,000 km, in case of loss of capacity. For its part, maintenance parts and original accessories have a two-year warranty.