These 3 iPhones are not recommended in 2023

If you’re considering upgrading your smartphone and you’re a fan of Apple devices, it’s worth knowing which ones may not be the best options for the year 2023. While all iPhones boast undeniable quality, there are certain models that have fallen behind in terms of features, design, or price. Here, we present our selection of devices that you may want to avoid.

While the iPhone 14 may not bring significant differences compared to the previous iPhone 13, as we look ahead to future generations, we start to see a greater gap in terms of hardware. Opting for an iPhone 11 or 12 may be a more cost-effective solution, but by investing a little more, you can enjoy more current models. With that in mind, here are the three Apple phones that don’t convince us for this year, 2023.

3 iphones not 2023

3 Apple phones that are not worth it

Apple is renowned for its commitment to quality, and purchasing any of their smartphones guarantees excellent performance. However, there are three phones from the Cupertino company that may not live up to expectations in various aspects. It’s important to note that opting for reconditioned devices to save money may not be the best choice due to the limitations of these particular models. Let’s explore the reasons why you should reconsider buying these devices.

iPhone X

The iPhone X marked a significant milestone for Apple with its introduction of Face ID facial recognition and the iconic borderless design featuring the notable notch. However, after being on the market for over four years, this model is starting to show its age. While it boasts a 5.8-inch OLED screen, its resolution falls short compared to newer models, and its A11 Bionic processor is no longer as powerful as the latest chipsets available.

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It is crucial to consider that the iPhone X is nearing the end of its software support cycle and will soon no longer receive the latest iOS updates. This can have implications for both the device’s security and overall performance. Without regular updates, the iPhone X may become more vulnerable to potential security threats and may not be able to take advantage of the latest features and optimizations provided by newer iOS versions.

iPhone 11

Despite being one of Apple’s best-selling phones in 2020 and 2021, the iPhone 11 has gradually become outdated compared to both its competitors and Apple’s more recent releases. While it offered a good balance between features and price at the time, advancements in technology have surpassed its capabilities. The 6.1-inch LCD screen, while still decent, falls short in terms of quality compared to the vibrant OLED or ProMotion screens found in newer iPhone models. Additionally, the A13 Bionic processor, although powerful during its release, has been surpassed by the newer and more efficient processors found in current iPhone models.

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The dual-lens rear camera of the iPhone 11 falls short in comparison to the advanced triple or quad-lens cameras found in the iPhone 13, which also offer additional features like the cinematic recording mode. Furthermore, the battery life of the iPhone 11 is not particularly impressive and has been known to cause issues for some users. In terms of design, the iPhone 11 features thick bezels around the screen and a large notch at the top, which may feel dated compared to the sleeker and more modern designs of newer iPhone models.

iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 series marked Apple’s entry into the 5G era, offering faster connectivity. However, in terms of performance, the A14 Bionic processor and cameras of the iPhone 12 have been surpassed by the advancements made in the iPhone 13. The camera capabilities of the iPhone 12 do not match the powerful cinematic mode found in the cameras of the latest iPhone models, which offer enhanced video recording features.

iPhone 12mini

The iPhone 12 series received criticism from users regarding its battery life, which was reported to be short and subject to degradation over time. The smaller size of the battery contributes to these issues and also impacts the overall display quality. While the price of the iPhone 12 has decreased to 700 euros, it does not make it a compelling choice considering the availability of newer and superior alternatives, such as the iPhone 13, which offer improved features for a slightly higher price.