The trick to save battery on Android and reach the end of the day

trick to save battery on Android

One of the most indicated moments by all when we use the mobile and we come to find that our battery is low. It is true that there are many options to save battery in an emergency, with a mode dedicated to it, but there is something else we can do.

In the process of configuring our mobile, Google offers us the possibility of deactivating it if we want, although in most cases we accept everything you ask us without doubting its usefulness. We refer to Google’s location history , a function that takes a significant percentage of battery with it.

Google takes care of leaving us without battery

As contradictory as it may be, this Google function is one of the ones that offers us the most help and at the same time a problem. On the one hand, Google’s location history will help us to know in case of losing the smartphone, the last place where it was connected. But on the other hand, it forces the GPS to be activated every few minutes and thus affects the battery to end up causing it to not last as long as we would like.

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This history of locations also serves to know for ourselves the places we have visited throughout the day, although you may have never used this function. We can see this within Google Maps by entering the “Your chronology” section to quickly consult all trips and movements on foot, by car or even by plane.

How can we get rid of Google and save the battery

To put an end to the problem, we are going to disable the location history feature. We can do this on all Android phones regardless of the customization layer or version of Android it has. The process is the following:

quitar historial ubicaciones google

  • We enter the Google app.
  • Then we touch on the icon of our profile.
  • We choose the option “Manage your Google account”.
  • We go to the Data and Personalization tab.
  • Finally we turn off the location history.

How much battery will we save?

The million-dollar question and the one we ask ourselves whether or not to deactivate this tool. It is not easy to solve it, since the GPS does not suppose the same consumption for all smartphones and it is difficult to make the same use of the mobile with it activated and deactivated. However, based on the tests carried out, it could suppose about 5% battery in Android 11.

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This would be the percentage that we would gain if we deactivated it. It will only be left to decide if we prefer to arrive at the end of the day with a little more battery ease or on the contrary we want to continue storing the location history, in case we ever need to find the smartphone.