The top three Apple TV+ movies you should watch


Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming platform offering a wide range of high-quality series, movies, and documentaries. With a focus on quality content rather than quantity, Apple TV+ has curated a selection of exceptional movies in its catalog. In this article, we will explore the top three movies available on Apple TV+ that are definitely worth watching.

The Banker


“The Banker” is an extraordinary and often overlooked gem in the Apple TV+ catalog. This captivating film delves into the remarkable true story of Bernard Garrett (portrayed by Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (played by Samuel L. Jackson), two visionary African-American businessmen.

Set in the 1960s, a time marked by pervasive racial segregation in the United States, the movie follows Garrett and Morris as they devise a daring plan to challenge the discriminatory practices that hindered African Americans from accessing loans and acquiring property.

To circumvent these barriers, the dynamic duo enlists the assistance of Matt Steiner (played by Nicholas Hoult), a white employee who becomes the public face of their company while they silently steer its operations. Together, they navigate the system, strategically acquiring banks and properties and providing much-needed financial support to the black community, defying the odds of a society rife with racial bias.

“The Banker” weaves together moments of humor, such as the memorable golf game, with an unwavering examination of the realities faced by people of color in an unjust society. It highlights the tremendous significance of individuals who bravely fought against systemic racism, ultimately sparking profound legal transformations that reverberated throughout history.



Another remarkable film in the Apple TV+ lineup is “Palmer,” a heartfelt story centered around Eddie (played by Justin Timberlake), a former college football player who returns to his hometown following a prison sentence.

Striving to rebuild his life and steer clear of past mistakes, Eddie embarks on a journey to find employment and forge a new path. However, his trajectory takes an unexpected turn when he becomes the caretaker of Sam, a troubled seven-year-old boy. As their lives intertwine, a remarkable bond forms between Eddie and Sam, transcending societal norms and expectations. Despite the small southern town’s traditional gender roles, Sam defies conventions by embracing dolls over trucks and princesses over pirates.

In this tale of personal growth and understanding, both Eddie and Sam enter a symbiotic relationship where they profoundly influence each other’s lives, prompting transformative change and challenging their perspectives on the world. “Palmer” is a touching exploration of compassion, acceptance, and the power of connection.



We cannot conclude this session without acknowledging “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” a remarkable film that has garnered numerous accolades, particularly for the exceptional performance of Denzel Washington. Denzel has received nominations for prestigious awards such as the Oscars, Golden Globe, Film Critics Award, and Actors Guild for his portrayal of the lead character.

This cinematic masterpiece draws inspiration from the timeless work of Shakespeare, delving into the life of Macbeth, a nobleman who becomes convinced by three witches that he is destined to be the King of Scotland. Guided by his ambitious wife, played by Frances McDormand, Macbeth embarks on a relentless pursuit to claim the crown, resorting to murder, tragedy, and treachery along the way.

The film not only showcases a stellar cast and Shakespeare’s literary genius but also captivates audiences with its meticulous production design, characterized by a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of dark tones and a pervasive mist that envelops viewers from the very beginning. “The Tragedy of Macbeth” is a cinematic tour de force that brings history to life in a visually striking and emotionally gripping manner.