Who is the singer with the most followers on Instagram?

Who is the singer with the most followers on Instagram

Social networks are the best sign of popularity today. For some, the number of followers has become almost as important as the number of euros in the bank account. Therefore, if you want to know who is the singer with the most followers on Instagram at the moment, we will tell you about it and, in addition, you may have several surprises when you examine the podium. In fact, we would have to talk about “the” singer with the most Instagram followers in the world.

Today, success in any art is closely linked to the followers you have on social networks. The new artists try to increase that number however it is, so that record companies and agencies do something of case to them.

Of course, those who have no problems in that regard are the musicians that we are going to see, including the singer with the most Instagram followers so far.

Who is the singer with the most followers in the world

The first place corresponds to none other than the actress and singer Ariana Grande. With more than 287 million followers , it is the gold medal, and a long way from the second.

And it is that the second position is also for another woman, a legend already, because it is none other than the famous Beyoncé, with more than 229 million followers. As you can see, the difference between the first and the second is 58 million people.

That does not seem like much, but it is more than the population of Spain , which is about 47 million inhabitants.

Third place on the podium goes to a singer who, for a long time, was the one with the most followers on Instagram. It is about the Canadian musician Justin Bieber. With over 213 million followers, lately he seems more interested in NFTs than his music career.

The Olympic diplomas go to Taylor Swift with 195 million followers and Jennifer Lopez with 189 million .

As you can see, music and followers on Instagram are a woman’s thing. But what about when it comes to our country?

Who is the Spanish singer with the most followers

Rosalía, the Spanish singer with the most followers on Instagram

If we go back to Spain and think of singers who blow it up on social media, the answer seems clear, because it is the name that comes to mind.

Rosalía, LA Rosalía has 18.3 million followers on Instagram and is the Spanish singer with the most followers on this social network.

However, the phenomenon is very recent and has ousted the Spanish singer who, by far from all the others, held the podium for a long time.

It was about Enrique Iglesias .

With 16.3 million followers , the Spanish singer, who has lived in Miami for almost always, has a huge pull among the Latin public. That is why, until Rosalía arrived, he had always been the undisputed king of Instagram.

In fact, in 2019, the famous Catalan singer did not have half the followers of Julio Iglesias ‘son, but he has risen more than Jeff Bezos’ rocket (bad comparison, because that’s not difficult either, really).

As you can see, when it comes to music and Instagram, they are the queens and there is no one who coughs them up.