The secret section of the Ryanair website to buy cheap flights

When we go on a trip and need to buy plane tickets , we are not always lucky enough to find them at the best price. However, if we were looking for flights on Ryanair, it is possible that you are looking for where you do not have to and, for this reason, the price that you get is not the best.

For this reason, so that you can save money when buying flights, we are going to show you the “secret” section of the Ryanair website. In this way, you will be able to buy cheaper flight tickets. So, if you are going on a trip soon, you better take a look at this little advice.

The secret section of the Ryanair website to buy cheap flights

Cheap flights on Ryanair

You may not always go to particular websites, such as Skyscanner, eDreams, etc., to find the best prices when buying plane tickets, but, in your case, you go directly to the airline’s website and You start looking for flights by destination and date . However, this time, we are doing it wrong. At least if we want to fly with Ryanair, whatever the reason.

More than anything, because if we want to find cheaper plane tickets on the website of this airline, the truth is that you better take into account this “hidden” part of Ryanair. Basically, because it will surely help you save on all your flights. Therefore, what you have to do is the following:

  • Go to the web browser of your mobile, computer, etc.
  • Type cheap Ryanair flights .
  • And go to the link that says ” Ryanair Fare Finder “.

vuelos baratos avión ryanair

How do I search for flights?

When you are in this section, you will only have to choose where you are leaving from, the airport you want to go to or the country and the budget you have . For everything else, it will be the airline’s own website that will take care of it. In addition, when choosing a budget, they will leave us a particular amount or less than it, for example: 20 euros and less than, 50 euros and less than… Or also establish the amount that we want.

In this way, we will find the flights at the best price. But, what we must take into account is that we will not be the ones who choose the dates (at least from the beginning, later it can be changed), but this “hidden” section will tell us the dates on which those are available. cheap plane tickets . Therefore, after buying the plane tickets, it will be when we will have to start organizing the rest of the things for the trip. As could be the issue of accommodation.

In addition, once we search for flights in this section of the Ryanair website, two more options will also appear later: outbound flight and return flight . Therefore, in this way, we will be lucky to be able to buy both tickets at the best price, without having to pay more than necessary or buy plane tickets separately. Even within “Return flight” we find these options: At any time, Duration of the Trip or One Way. And, in the “Outbound Flight” option: Specific date, Dates, All month, Next 3 months or Anytime.