The Samsung Galaxy S23’s battery last more than a day

When mobile phones today have so many features and are used so much that it is difficult for them to last more than a day, or to reach a day on some occasions, the Samsung Galaxy S23 has more than achieved it. It has two models in the series with a battery capable of lasting two days perfectly, and the most basic one lasts a day without difficulty.

Without a doubt, the winning model is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra , the one with the best battery life of all Android flagships currently and of all time. It lasts so long, despite having very high performance and a large screen, that with a single charge you can do what you want throughout the day. In them, you can spend up to 23 hours watching videos or 21 hours using the Internet without stopping. This is something that has impressed us.

Samsung Galaxy S23

This is confirmed by those who have analyzed it and show us more data about it. We have also tested the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and it has also lasted more than a day.

All Galaxy S23 last much more than a day

The most complete of Samsung’s new high-end phones has a 5000 mAh battery , while the Samsung Galaxy S23+ stands out for having a 4700 mAh battery. If we go to more basic models, the battery of the Galaxy S23 is not bad at all with its 3900 mAh.


On paper it is clear that the figures are very good, and the combination of autonomy with more efficient processors is quite a bomb, however, from Sammobile they assure that Asif has managed to make his Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra last 3 days with a single charge at least once since he started using the phone a few weeks ago. In most cases, it has lasted more than 2 days. They have also tested the Galaxy S23+ and it can last up to 2 days without charging.

Although the autonomy will depend on the use that is made, since they have not carried out strict autonomy tests, but have been based on their own use of the phone, what is clear, and we have been able to verify it with our own eyes, is that the new flagships from Samsung perfectly last more than a day without charging . They have managed to break records and surpass other Android models on the market, even other Samsungs that stand out in this regard, with almost incredible autonomy today.

Despite the fact that the one with the most battery is the Galaxy S23 Ultra, all the flagships of the brand this year stand out for their autonomy and are better than their predecessors. The most expensive ones also do so because of their speed, as we have been able to verify a few days ago where the S23 Ultra has been able to surpass even the iPhone 14 Pro Max in tests as the fastest of all time.

SamsunG Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Ultra is the most expensive, although you also gain a lot in unique features, while the S23+ is perfect for having very high-end features saving money compared to the previous purchase and includes 45W fast charging. If you are looking for the cheapest, with the regular Galaxy S23 you will not regret it, and its battery life is incredible as well. Although its fast charge is 25W, you won’t need to charge it all day and that is much appreciated today.