The Safest Smartphone Operating System in 2021

The majority of operating systems are free and open-source software. Open-source code implies that there are no limitations on who may download it, and if you are a developer, you can use this open-source code to create software or apps that will run on any platform.

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A smartphone operating system, sometimes known as a mobile OS, is a kind of operating system designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other similar devices. But are all the systems secure for users?

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So we have created list of some of the best mobile operating systems. So, stay connected!

Best mobile operating systems

Android OS

Google’s Android mobile OS is based on the Linux kernel and is built on the Android platform. It was the product of Android Inc., which was purchased by Google in 2005 and is now known as Android.

The most recent Android version available in 2021 is Android 11, launched only a few months ago. For the last several years, Android has been the most popular smartphone operating system for Android smartphones. For smartphones, this is one of the best mobile operating systems available right now.

Android is one of the most popular open-source operating systems available today with its Linux-based open-source operating system. After the launch of the Android OS into the smartphone and tablet markets, the system quickly acquired widespread acceptance due to its attractive look and efficient operation.

Infinix Note 10 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, Tecno Spark 7 Pro, IQOO 7 Legend and Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 are a few smartphones that run on the Android OS.


  • Complete Google Support
  • Multitasking
  • Smart notification


  • Advertising
  • Requires continuous internet connection


Apple Inc. developed iOS, the second most popular smartphone operating system in the world. This platform is a closed-source platform.

The iOS is used by Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and the second-generation Apple TV. It is derived from Mac OS X. The Apple iOS was first released on June 29, 2007, and it is still in use today.

Since it has many updates, the most recent of which is iOS 14. Its developers have placed a strong emphasis on performance rather than aesthetics. While the iOS did allow third-party apps after iOS 2 on July 11, 2008, it did not support any third-party applications before that date.

It is the best phone operating system available today. It has been used in the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, 11, 11 Pro, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and many other devices.


  • Spelling test support
  • Multitasking
  • Camera Function
  • Folder setting


  • Attachments are not supported by email
  • Semi thread messaging

Windows Phone OS

After Android and iOS, the Windows Mobile Operating System has the third-largest installed base. Microsoft is the company that created the Windows Phone operating system.

All of the PC users have a great deal of familiarity with the Windows operating system from Microsoft. On February 15, 2010, Microsoft introduced Windows Phone, the company’s next-generation system for smartphones. It is designed to provide a comparable user experience and a wide variety of features to those who use Windows on their computer.

Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Focus, and HTC Titan 2 are a few smartphones that offer Windows operating systems.


  • Simplicity
  • Battery life seems good enough
  • Differently organized interface


  • Lack of app support

android os

Blackberry 10 OS

Blackberry Limited developed the Blackberry phone operating system. This is made possible by the Quantum system software, later renamed as QNX software systems.

Like the iOS and Windows OS, the Blackberry smartphone operating system is a closed source operating system. Government employees mostly use this to communicate.

From QNX software systems, there have been two main versions of this system: Blackberry tablet OS with Blackberry Playbook and Blackberry Tablet OS.


  • Excellent messaging via BM, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, and Whatsapp, among other platforms
  • Excellent connectivity
  • User-friendly Qwerty keyboard


  • Poor camera quality
  • Poor battery life

Sailfish OS

Jolla has developed the Sailfish phone operating system. Jolla is an independent mobile device designer and developer based in Finland.

Sailfish OS provides a licensing mechanism that is exclusive to the region for local modifications. Since 2013, the developers have been focused on delivering the most secure platform for trusted mobile applications that provide superior user experiences.

It is mostly open-source and uses the GNU General Public License. Currently, the Sailfish operating system is used in the Jolla Smartphone and the Jolla Tablets.

A version of the Sailfish operating system is available for Sony Xperia mobile phones and the Gemini PDA.


  • It features a simple user interface with interactive gestures.
  • It supports all Android and Ubuntu applications. So, you can use the Sailfish Store to download any application from Google Play.
  • It provides regional licensing and complete OS updates.


  • It has a proprietary UI component.
  • It has only a few native applications.
  • There are just a few phones available.
  • Android compatibility is required to access a large number of apps.

Android controls the market for smartphones. Can androids be hacked? In 2016, Android had the most vulnerabilities of any operating system, according to CVE data. In this instance, vulnerabilities are computer faults that a hacker may use directly to access a system or network. In 2016, Android had 523 such vulnerabilities, far ahead of 161 for iOS. It was a very different scenario in 2015. At that time, Android only had 125 vulnerabilities, whereas iOS had 387.

What is the most secure phone operating system?

Apple’s iOS has long been regarded as the more secure operating system.  Apple iOS is a closed system, which means that only Apple can access it. Apple does not make its source code available to app developers, and users of iPhones and iPads cannot make changes to the code on their devices themselves. This makes it more difficult for hackers to discover weaknesses in devices that run on iOS.