The revolution to have Android auto without cable in the car

Millions of people use the intelligent navigation system developed and named by Google as Android Auto every day. A program that makes driving much easier through direct access to the basic functions of a smartphone, but that has a certain degree of incompatibility as it requires a cable in some vehicles.

However, this is no longer a problem with the appearance of devices that allow wireless connection to the car regardless of compatibility. One of the most popular in recent months is called AAWireless , which was born as a Kickstarter project and is now a reality.

The revolution to have Android auto without cable in the car

Android Auto without cable in between

Most users turn to the Google service to carry out all kinds of actions without taking their eyes off the road, although sometimes the main problem with Android Auto is that the cable becomes a real nuisance that can interfere with the driving. That is why many try to get rid of it, but not all cars enjoy the possibility, becoming an obstacle for the app.


Thanks to options like AAWireless this is no longer a hassle, as there is a new member among the members who offer a cable-free alternative to using Android Auto. This in particular receives a price of about 89 dollars , which has been about 87 euros to change . A somewhat high amount, but in the long term it is feasible in the event that your future vehicle does not allow a wireless connection either.

Of course, it all depends on how many times you use the car, since if you need applications like Google Maps only and exclusively to make long-distance trips, it may not be profitable. Also, it should be noted that the delivery time can be long because they ship from the United States. However, there is no need to be alarmed if it takes longer than you thought, since it is a completely reliable company that has already distributed many of these devices.

How AAWireless works

If you are interested in the fact of using Android Auto without cables, you will be interested to know that AAWireless is an ideal device for it. This is due to its minimalist design , since it is a very small device that only has a slot for the USB that you must connect to the car and a reset button.


This means that its operation has no mystery, since it works like other options of this nature. The first thing you should do is connect the USB cable that comes in the box to the car and the device. Then, open the Bluetooth settings on your phone through the control panel, pressing and holding on the icon in question.

Wait for AAWireless to appear on your terminal and tap on the option to start the connection. When the pairing is finished, everything will be ready to squeeze Android Auto without any cable that interferes with your work. Not to mention that your mobile will connect completely automatically when you start the vehicle. Without a doubt, a guaranteed opportunity to drive without problems.