The 'problems' of using the mobile NFC

Since NFC came into our lives through mobile phones, everyday life with smartphones has changed radically and even other accessories have been affected. Among all that NFC allows us to do , we come across payments from the device and even opening doors without this meaning carrying the keys with us, many facilities that do not always work out well.

Although everything seems like a bed of roses, when reality arrives we come face to face with several negative aspects that make us rethink the use of NFC. Although it will appear that everything is negative, there are many other reasons to use it, among which is comfort, for which we recommend configuring the system offline on Android or iPhone.

The 'problems' of using the mobile NFC

Hazards and Safety Issues

The first and possibly the most important thing that we must take into account among the disadvantages of using the NFC of the mobile appear in security. Not everyone feels comfortable carrying the card linked to the mobile, for fear that we will lose it and someone can make payments without our permission. Through mobile phones there have been many frauds and users’ cards have also been copied with modified data.


But at the same time we should be much more careful about viruses and threats through applications or files. Someone could access our mobile to remove all the cards configured together with the NFC and take advantage of this data to empty our bank account. A great negative point that, although it has rarely happened, exists.

Can’t turn off or hard

One of the big drawbacks for many people is that NFC on a phone cannot be quickly turned on and off. On the iPhone it has become an impossible task, while on Android a lot has been hidden between the settings, causing us to have to always have it activated no matter how dangerous it seems to us.

We depend on the battery

When going from using the classic credit or debit cards to pay, to using a mobile phone, there is a very important jump. We must remember that we need the smartphone yes or yes and, therefore, we cannot let the energy run out . This leads us to have to worry much more about the use we make of it and enjoy it less than we did until now, or carry the charger with us, if we are going to want to be able to live with the certainty that we will be able to buy something in the moment we need it.


We need several apps and configuration

As much as Apple and Google have tried to simplify mobile payments, there are banks that are not in favor of this and force us to have to download more applications on the phone if we want to enjoy NFC and cards. The same is repeated when needing the contactless system to access the house or practically any other use that we want to give it.

For those who are experts in the field, resorting to this technology can be a breeze, but for many people it becomes a big problem when they have to add the card to the mobile. This is repeated every time we change mobile, taking several minutes of work that can get us out of our boxes.

Failures due to covers and accessories

One of the headaches that can get in our way and that has to do with the NFC of mobile phones is based on the fact that they do not work at first. Both because of the covers, as well as other accessories placed on the mobile or even because of interference, the phone can block the connection and cause us to have to repeat the action until it works.