The placement of the WiFi repeater is essential: 3 tricks to put it right

If you are looking to improve the Internet connection in your home, one option available to you is to install a Wi-Fi repeater. They are very useful to amplify the signal and reach the connection to other areas of the house. But it is important that you do not make mistakes and that you can surf the net correctly. In this article we are going to give you three tricks so that you can place the Wi-Fi repeater correctly and avoid making mistakes in the installation.

Tips to place the Wi-Fi repeater well

The placement of the WiFi repeater is essential

It is possibly the first option we think about when we have coverage problems . Although there are more alternatives to improve Wi-Fi speed, it is an economical way and we will find many models available. But you should avoid making mistakes when you are going to install it, because if you don’t do it right you will have speed and quality problems.

Not too far, not too close to the router

Something fundamental is the distance to the router . Here it must be said that a middle point is the key to achieving good results. If you put the repeater too far from the router with the idea that the signal covers a very remote area, that is going to be a problem. You will not receive a signal correctly and the repeater will offer a very limited speed or you will not even be able to connect to it.

On the other hand, if you put the repeater too close to the router, you will not get positive results either. You are not really going to cover an area that the router itself cannot cover, so you would be wasting the device. Therefore, the ideal is that you put it in an intermediate area, where it receives a good signal and can expand it to other places without problems.

Away from other devices

Do not put the Wi-Fi repeater near other devices that may cause interference . For example, it’s a good idea to move it away from the television and other similar devices. Especially those using Bluetooth could generate more interference and make the Wi-Fi signal worse with less speed and quality.

Our advice is to put it in an area where there is no device that could interfere. Look for a remote space, not only because of interference but also to prevent other devices from giving off heat and causing a malfunction. Follow the same advice that you would use when placing a router at home.

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raised and uncovered site

When you are going to place the Wi-Fi repeater at home, also look at the height . These devices work best when we place them in a high place. For example, on top of a piece of furniture and not at the bottom. This way you will make the wireless connection reach other devices better and not have coverage problems.

You should also not put it in a covered area. Avoid putting it in a hidden piece of furniture, under books or any object that does not allow the wireless signal to travel correctly. The objective is that it reaches the other devices as well as possible.

In short, these three tips that we have explained will be very useful to correctly place the Wi-Fi repeater. Avoid making mistakes that may affect the wireless signal and thus achieve better speed.