The OPPO A96 has a giant battery, good screen and costs less than 250 euros

Finding a good mobile at a good price on these dates is easier than it seems. So, if you are thinking of giving a smartphone for Three Kings Day , today we have found one that is very balanced in every way for any type of user. This is the OPPO A96, a mid-range terminal that has a highly recommended discount

The Chinese brand of devices has a very interesting catalog both in the medium and high range. In either case, the price is usually quite affordable for the user, so don’t be afraid if you think you’re going to spend too much, especially after Amazon’s offer.


14% discount

If we take a look at the OPPO A96 page on Amazon, we can easily see that the reduction is not as considerable as one might expect based on the fact that its initial value is 289 euros.

However, the 40-euro discount is greatly appreciated, since for 249 euros you can get a mobile that works perfectly for everything. In addition, it boasts 8 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of storage.

Amazon guarantees the possibility of financing the OPPO A96 without interest for up to 10 months until the end of the year. This means that you will only have to pay 24.90 euros per month, which will not mean a blow to your wallet.

An OPPO prepared for everything

Next we are going to review in detail what the OPPO A96 offers in terms of specifications. Among them, its high capacity battery, its dual camera system and a very fluid screen stand out, although it is not the only thing that the terminal boasts.

First of all, it equips an LCD-type panel that, although it does not present colors as bright as an AMOLED, but these are more realistic . Not to mention that its 90 Hz refresh rate ensures remarkable fluidity when moving through the system. Some interesting qualities both for viewing content and for playing.

oppo a96 pantalla

The brain that hides inside to supply power to the entire device is a Snapdragon 680 . The OPPO A96 is up for any kind of task , but you shouldn’t demand too much of it graphically in games like Genshin Impact either. You can run them perfectly and with an acceptable speed as well as stable, so it’s not bad for the price.

As we have already mentioned, autonomy is one of the main characteristics that this mid-range OPPO boasts. A 5,000 mAh battery is the protagonist of this aspect with 30W fast charging. In such a way, that you have a guaranteed duration that exceeds 24 hours without much complication.

oppo a96 azul

The photographic section of the smartphone meets above average. Mid-range mobiles tend to suffer from artificial processing and somewhat poor night images. However, the 50 MP main camera of the OPPO A96 takes very good photos in relation to what it costs, being a guaranteed alternative compared to other similar options.

The OPPO A96 has ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 as the operating system and will later receive the Android 13 version along with ColorOS 13. A very striking aspect is that it has IPX4 resistance to water and dust, so it can withstand many types of situations.