The operator with the best mobile network: Movistar, Orange, Vodafone or Yoigo?

It is not always easy to say who is the operator with the best mobile network at the moment in Spain . However, after this study, affirming it is easy. There is no doubt that, when it comes to being away from home, every user is interested in having a good Internet connection that allows them to browse the Internet, social networks, watch videos or movies… without problems. For this reason, you may be interested in knowing which is the operator that occupies the first place according to Mobile Benckmark Spain 2023.

And it is that, in this case, we are going to analyze the report of the international telecommunications medium connect , which talks about the performance of mobile networks in our country. Therefore, we will know who occupies the first position and which are the operators that are below.

The operator with the best mobile network

Movistar, above the rest

So that we can get an idea of the work behind this report, we must take into account that, to carry out the voice and data tests , they have had to carry out three ways of collecting the information: while driving, walking in cities and towns, and samples from collaborating sources with 769,991 users in Spain who have contributed around 2,054 million measurement samples from the end of August 2022 to the beginning of February of this year. These were the results they obtained:

  • Voice

In this case, Orange is positioned as the operator with the best score at the Voice level. Basically, because in this report it gets a total of 252 points in this category. Although, it is followed closely by Vodafone, with 250 points. However, although Movistar is lower, with 236 points, there is not a great difference between these operators. However, Yoigo only gets a score of 212 points.

  • Data

Regarding the tests that have been carried out with the mobile data connection. Above the rest is Movistar , specifically with 412 points. Below, we find Orange with 401 and Vodafone with 400 points. Once again, in last place, is Yoigo with 391 points.

Mobile Benchmark Spain 2023

There is no doubt that the blue operator has been crowned ‘Best in Test’, with a score of 875 out of 1000 points . Although, closely followed by Orange (871 points) and Vodafone (868 points). However, Yoigo lags far behind the rest of the operators in Spain.

Mobile networks continue to improve

In any case, the important thing here is that the evolution of mobile networks in Spain has improved. In fact, although Movistar has positioned itself above the rest, it must be taken into account that it is the first time that it has placed first in the Mobile Benchmark Spain of connect.

In addition, both Orange and Vodafone have obtained “very good” results during the analysis that has been carried out with the four test cars with which they traveled through 20 cities and 23 towns, covering a total of 13,040 kilometers. It must be taken into account that, for this report, the selected areas covered around 12.3 million people , approximately 26% of the population of Spain. Another important detail is that Yoigo, despite being in last place, has also improved its score from 2022 to 2023.