The mobile screen looks dark or black: How can I fix it?

There are many reasons why you can find yourself suddenly, and without expecting it, with the screen of your mobile dark or totally black. If it isn’t a dead battery or you dropped it, it could be due to a number of different things.

For this reason, we will tell you about the main causes that can happen and how you can fix it so that you can see the content as well as ever. On many occasions, the solution is very simple and will take little time.

The mobile screen looks dark or black

Bad screen saver

One of the reasons why your mobile screen can look dark is that your screen protector is bad and does not allow you to see the contents of your mobile correctly. Many protectors have a good resolution and touch sensitivity, so you will not have a problem using them.

protector de pantalla movil PET

However, there are others of low quality that do not do their job well or can cause problems. Therefore, the first thing you should do is check if this is the reason. For this, you will have no choice but to remove it and check how it looks. If you have a case that covers your screen , try removing it first and see if this may be the cause.

Very low brightness

If you do not want to make the change ahead of time, it is interesting that you try before if the brightness of the screen is very low or you are in an area where it will be seen badly due to the brightness setting you have , such as in full light of the day You may notice that absolutely nothing is visible on your mobile and you cannot repair it in any way. What you can do in this case is go inside the house, lean into a doorway or a shadow and see if you can change the brightness setting.

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It is best if you have it on automatic or on a balanced brightness , however, you may have lowered it in the dark at night so that it does not bother you or inadvertently and now prevents you from seeing in other situations. If you go to the quick settings of the mobile, you will surely find this configuration with a bar that you must change to your liking. As long as you find a place to see properly.

You can check it in the screen and gesture settings on your mobile. Find the Brightness Level option and change it to auto if you want it to get darker or lighter based on the environment or adjust it manually based on your current needs. You can also meet the daytime Moo.

Proximity sensor

If it has happened to you after a call , in which you see the dark screen after making or making it, the problem may be that the proximity sensor is not working properly. If this is it, look for the setting on your smartphone. In some mobiles, it will be enough to open the phone app and dial *#*#6484#*#* to check it. You will need to check the P Sensor Test box and Run. Follow the instructions that will appear on the mobile screen.

sensor proximidad Xiaomi

Depending on the model or brand, there are other ways to get there, for example, you can check this sensor on Xiaomi in the settings, under System information. At Samsung, you’ll use Samsung Members. Find out how to do it on your smartphone or use a trusted app.

Faulty board

The panel of your mobile may be in poor condition or defective and this is what is happening to it. If you have checked typical solutions such as adjusting the brightness, testing the protector, restarting, updating the operating system and checking the screen settings, you will have no choice but to go to the technical service . If it is under warranty, they will fix it for you, free of charge if it is not due to a fall or misuse of the phone.

Samsung pantalla negra

Sometimes, you will have to change the screen for a new one. If you do it out of warranty, it is best to do it with an official panel of the brand to obtain the best image quality and avoid the problems of cheap screens.