The mobile battery does not charge. Does the warranty cover it?

One of the biggest concerns of users in relation to their mobile phone is its battery. That is why we try to take care of it with great care so that it does not wear out too much over time or mistreat it excessively with abnormal loads.

This can end up causing the smartphone to stop charging with the charger plugged in for some reason, preventing you from using the device. Otherwise, once it is turned off there will be no going back, so it is urgent to find a solution as soon as possible and your first option should always be to check if the warranty is valid.

The mobile battery does not charge. Does the warranty cover it

Your battery is safe

The first of all is to clarify that the guarantee depends on the manufacturer in question and that, in addition, there is a separate guarantee for the battery apart from that of the phone itself. However, in the European Union this was a somewhat controversial issue and it has given a lot to talk about. To such an extent that the body regulated this aspect to offer a two-year guarantee in Spain and the rest of the EU countries.

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However, most companies usually only offer a 6-month warranty in this regard and claim that it is something external to the device itself. That is why it is convenient to take a look at the small print on the website of each company, since some offer half a year, while others like iPhone come to the annual cycle, so everything depends on your mobile.

When does the warranty cover it?

There is nothing to fear. The guarantee only makes one exception and it is having previously manipulated the smartphone or used it inappropriately. This means that the guarantee covers any problem, also those of the battery. So if at any time your mobile stops charging, check when you bought it through the purchase ticket itself.

Be careful, because an invoice of the order is not necessary to apply the guarantee, so do not be fooled if a store claims it, since the norm does not oblige you to present it. On the other hand, it would not be at all strange if you came across a store that questions the battery failure, indicating that it may have been your fault for not covering the repair.

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In this case, you should not hesitate to go to the Consumer Office and make a complaint, since they can help you to comply with the current guarantee. Otherwise, if you have finally damaged the battery in some way, it is quite likely that you will have to pay and this is bad news.

Today all mobiles have a non-removable battery and manipulating the component can mean a blow to our wallet. These types of repairs are usually expensive , so try not to misuse it. To do this, charge the mobile without any interruption, place the charge levels between 20 and 80%, calibrate the battery from time to time and do not use chargers with a higher voltage than indicated by the manufacturer.