The metaverse in 7 layers: fully understand how it is constituted

The metaverse concept has been accompanying us over the last few weeks in a special way in a multitude of technological environments. However, not everyone understands what it is about, something that we are going to try to help you with next.

This media revolution to a large extent began with the declarations of Mark Zuckerberg at the end of last year. From that moment on, several companies related to technology have wanted to join this trend related to the metaverse. The first thing to know is that when trying to describe the concept itself there are many definitions and opinions. It is a somewhat abstract element that is in full development right now.

The metaverse in 7 layers

Precisely for all this is why it is so difficult to define the metaverse precisely . At the moment everything related to this element is somewhat conceptual and difficult to fully understand. But with everything and with it and to try to understand it, Jon Radoff, video game designer and businessman, tries to make things easier for us. All this through a series of layers broken down logically so that we understand how this metaverse is constituted. In this way we will find different levels through which we can understand a little better everything related to this concept.

Thus, next, we are going to describe this model made up of a total of seven layers with which it is intended to simplify and organize the metaverse in a conceptual way. Perhaps all this will help us to understand a little more what is called to be part of our technological future in an important way.

Understand the concept of what the metaverse is

In the composition of the seven layers that we have talked about previously, we are going to start with the base. In this way we will be able to understand more clearly the elements that should be part of the metaverse as it develops.

realidad virtual metaverso

  • Infrastructure : First of all, we find the necessary infrastructure. This is where 5G and future 6G networks come into play, WiFi connections, or hardware components such as RAM and the GPU of the devices.
  • Human interface : all this must be supported by a series of components that we, the users, will use. We are talking about elements such as mobile devices , wearables, in addition to everything that we use to handle them.
  • Decentralization : Much has been said in recent weeks about issues related to NFTs or the Blockchain that would be part of this layer. In addition, here we must add everything related to artificial intelligence or AI .
  • Advanced technology : obviously to form the metaverse we need the latest technologies. Here we refer to elements such as virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as all kinds of 3D components .
  • Adapted economy : It is not difficult to imagine that the metaverse will move a large amount of money between the companies that become part of it all. This will require a multitude of design tools , asset markets, tailored workflows , and much more.
  • Future discoveries : all this will lead to the multitude of discoveries and new advanced technologies. The set will directly affect the lives of users both socially, as leisure , and of course professional.
  • New experiences : finally, the metaverse will have a direct influence on electronic commerce , games , social networks , or the transmission of all kinds of content via streaming.