The main enemies of your WiFi, always avoid them

In order to have a good Internet connection wirelessly, it is important to take into account some things. Wi-Fi is sensitive to certain elements that can cause interference and problems. For this reason, in this article we are going to talk about which are the worst enemies of your Wi-Fi . In this way you will know what may be affecting your connection and be able to take measures so that the wireless network works as well as possible without interruptions and with good speed.

What factors affect the Wi-Fi network

The main enemies of your WiFi

Getting a good Wi-Fi connection is important to be able to connect devices of all kinds. It is essential that there is good coverage , but also a correct speed. Think of all the devices you have connected in your home. Therefore, knowing what factors may be affecting the wireless network is important.

metal furniture

One of these enemies of Wi-Fi is metal furniture. If you put the router near a piece of furniture of this type, you should know that the metal is going to be affecting the signal . There will be a loss of power and therefore the coverage will reach less. The furniture may be completely made of metal or it may have only a certain part, but in both cases it will affect.

Therefore, our advice is to avoid placing the router on a metal piece of furniture or even close to it. Anything that is to avoid metallic plants will come in handy so that the signal can be distributed correctly.

Home appliances

You should also keep in mind that household appliances can affect the quality of the router. Especially some like the microwave , which use a frequency close to 2.4 GHz, can cause the Wi-Fi to start to go very badly or even make it impossible to connect devices to it.

A television , for example, could equally influence. Any device of this type can create interference and even those that use a Bluetooth connection. Keep him away whenever you can from these devices.

walls and walls

A very common enemy are the walls and walls. Sometimes we will not be able to avoid them, but as far as possible we should place them in the best place . For example, don’t put the router near a large load-bearing wall or in a corner next to walls that may be blocking the signal.

Logically, the thicker a wall is, the more problems you will have with the Wi-Fi router. Avoid putting it in places where you see that the signal will not pass correctly. Sometimes a small change in location can greatly improve coverage.

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The high temperatures

Another important enemy is high temperature . This can cause even the router to stop working and you cannot connect. It occurs especially in the summer months, when the temperature rises. In the new models it is true that there are better cooling systems, but it can still be a problem.

Avoid putting the router near other devices, as they give off heat and that can have a negative effect. You should also not put it near a window where direct sunlight enters.

Your neighbors

Yes, your neighbors could also affect the wireless connection. We are not only referring to the fact that they can steal your Wi-Fi key, but simply with daily use. They could be using the same Wi-Fi channel that you use. If there are only one or two wireless networks nearby, nothing will happen, but if you live in a building surrounded by networks then yes.

There it will be essential to choose the Wi-Fi channel well. In this way you can connect to one that is more free. In addition, at certain times your neighbors could use more connected devices and that affects even more.

In short, as you can see, Wi-Fi has certain enemies that you should control. The objective is to make the connection work as well as possible and not have coverage and speed problems in your day to day.