The latest with Alexa is now available: you can buy the new Amazon Echo

The latest with Alexa is now available

A few days ago, a new generation of Amazon Echo was presented, the smart speakers with Alexa that are becoming a precious tool for our day-to-day booming Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected home.

Starting today, the new fifth-generation Echo Dot with and without a clock and Echo Studio with new features are on sale.

Fifth generation Echo Dot with more Alexa

The new generation of Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clock arrives to offer you new ways to bring the comfort of Alexa to any corner of the house with even better audio quality, new temperature sensor and, in addition, one-touch controls and indicator Improved LEDs.

Echo Dot quinta generación

In terms of sound quality, this fifth generation has up to two times more intense bass than the previous generation. The audio architecture has been redesigned to include a custom full-range driver and the highest-excursion speaker of any Echo Dot that delivers clearer vocals and deeper bass while maintaining its same compact, spherical shape. With a single touch you can pause or restart music, snooze or turn off timers, or end a call without having to ask Alexa.

Temperature sensors enable more contextual experiences with Alexa, like the ability to ask Alexa to automatically turn on your smart fan when it’s too hot inside your home.

On the clock model, the high-definition LED indicator offers a more dynamic way to get information at a glance. In addition to the time, you can see the title of a song or the name of an artist, the time, a calculation or a unit of measurement, and much more.

New color and features of the Echo Studio

The other big news is that the Echo Studio now has better audio technology: it comes with even more enveloping and immersive sound thanks to new spatial audio processing technology and extended frequency range.

Echo Studio blanco

These upgrades will be available at no additional cost to those who already own an Echo Studio or to those who purchase one in the new White or previous Anthracite color.

Spatial audio processing technology is designed to enhance stereo sound, making music and movie soundtracks feel more immersive, with greater breadth, clarity and presence. It is comparable in acoustic performance to a hi-fi stereo system, so vocal performances are perceived more in the center, while instruments feel more defined to the sides, creating a more immersive sound experience that reproduces separation spatial arrangement of instruments and vocals, but also reflects the ideal arrangement of artists and producers in a studio.

As for the extension of the frequency range, the Echo Studio now extends the frequencies that each speaker can emit, offering a better sound experience, with greater clarity in the mids and deeper bass.

Echo Studio, both in the classic anthracite and in the new white color, are now available for 199.99 euros.