The latest iOS update releases these features for your iPhone

The third beta version of iOS 16.4 is now available to everyone who has installed a developer profile on their iPhone. It offers slight improvements on the new features of the operating system introduced months ago and has some new features that everyone can try now.

The betas of Apple‘s operating system for its mobile phones are released quite frequently, barely a week after the previous version. The second beta arrived eleven days after the first, but to find out what’s new in iOS 16.4 Beta 3 we haven’t had to wait much more than a week either.

There are not many new features that we find in the software, but what they are are quite striking.

The latest iOS update

What’s new in iOS

Interestingly, at the same time that the firm is going to make it more difficult to test its iOS betas for any type of user, with the third beta , the new update workflow for public testers and developers has been improved. In fact, now, users can authenticate a separate Apple ID to enable beta access. This means that those who have a personal and developer beta Apple ID won’t need to buy two individual developer licenses just to test the software on all their devices.

iOS 16

Secondly, we find improvements in the music application of those from Cupertino. Apple is integrating more Apple Music options into the Shazam app. With iOS 16.4 Beta 3 you can open and manage Shazam recorded tracks or purchase them through iTunes by tapping the top option.

The third great novelty does not affect us so much, since it is something that is not used in Spain. We discussed the possibility that Apple could remove NFC support for Apple car keys . This will leave UWB (Ultra Wide Band) as the only method to lock or unlock compatible cars via your Apple Watch or phone, offering better security features than NFC.

Finally we find a small novelty in the Photos app . With the third beta of iOS 16.4, users who share albums can receive synced duplicate photos in the Duplicate album if the original owner intends to edit or delete items in it, making the original photo always stay safe.

How to test these novelties?

If you want to be among the first to enjoy these new features of the iPhone operating system, you will have to be enrolled in the Apple Software Beta Program to test iOS 16.4 Beta. You can do it from the Apple beta page , signing up with your Apple ID. After:

  1. Log in to the Betas Program.
  2. Click Enroll your iOS device.
  3. Go to on your iOS device.
  4. Download and install the configuration profile.
  5. On iPhone, go to General
  6. Select VPN and Device Management
  7. Click on the iOS 16 beta profile.
  8. That will make the beta version available in the Software Update section of your iPhone.