The laptop that you are going to buy is not ideal, why?

When buying a laptop, we often don’t find things with things that come standard and that could be better. At the same time we find that there are elements that could be incorporated as standard to improve the user experience for all users. That is why we have compiled those points that, if improved or included as standard, would make any laptop ideal. Regardless of whether we are talking about a gaming computer or an ultralight laptop for work.

We have started to scratch our heads about what would be the ideal laptop, as the needs of each user are different and it is impossible, due to physical limitations, to create a gaming system with a battery that lasts several hours and that is totally portable. That is why we have rather focused on small points that can be improved or implemented in all computers of this type to make it much smaller.

The laptop that you are going to buy is not ideal

What would the ideal laptop look like?

We are not going to talk about processors, memories or graphics cards, but about much more mundane things, small details that, if applied as we suggest, would make the user experience much better. In addition to the fact that they could be implemented in any of the subtypes of this type of computer.

Very poor quality webcam

The first of the peripherals that we find completely dispensable in a laptop is the webcam. Which may seem surprising to some in the era of teleworking and company meetings, but it is that even in these circumstances most people have it deactivated. If we talk about streaming, it is a device whose angle and quality is below the minimum required to broadcast over the internet and, as if that were not enough, in many models it means that the laptop has to be much larger than it really is to be able to accommodate it in the frame of the screen.

For us, an external webcam is always better that you can place wherever you want and give you enough video quality to broadcast or chat with your acquaintances. While removing the bezel 100% isn’t a good idea in order to protect the screen from the keys, removing the webcam from the display bezel would make laptops a bit better. What’s more, we advocate selling it as a separate piece that we can place in any

Webcams AI portátil ideal

Laptop speakers are a waste of space

The second element is the speakers in a laptop, if for a reason sound bars, wireless speakers or even headphones are used, that is why no one ever uses the integrated speakers and in the end they end up decorating. Honestly, we would much rather see manufacturers include a small sound bar as standard to be able to connect it when we need it than not integrated speakers. We prefer that its space be used for other more useful things inside the case of our laptop, such as being able to place a larger battery or other options that would improve the overall quality of the computer.

Altavoces portátil ideal

complete sound cards

As a third point, and without leaving the subject of audio, we are not going to talk about a technology that we have plenty of, but that we lack in many laptops and that is the inclusion of an advanced audio DAC. Many headphones come standard and in the end when you have bought many of them they accumulate in the drawer. We refer to those boxes that connect to a USB 2.0 port and have a mini-jack at the end and give 5.1 or 7.1 audio.

Well, they should be inside the laptop, as part of its circuitry and thus freeing up one of the USB ports so that we can connect a greater number of peripherals. Also, many desktop motherboards include full DACs, so we don’t see a problem that isn’t done from laptops.

DAC Externo auriculares

2.5-inch NVMe SSD

The disappearance of drives, hard drives and eventually SATA SSDs will be due to the fact that NVMe SSDs of the M.2 form factor are much faster when it comes to data transfer and access. However, these have a problem and that is that they do not accept as many memory chips in their small space.

The best would be something of both worlds, a drive with the speed of NVMe SSDs, but with the ability to hold multiple chips like 2.5-inch SSDs thanks to more space. Not as units sold separately, but as a standard configuration in our laptop, since thanks to this they would come with greater capacity, but not less speed.


Immediate sleep button

How about a button that instantly saves everything we’re doing to flash memory, turns off the computer and allows us to take it with us without having to put it into sleep mode? Obviously, the grace would be to be able to retrieve the information just by lifting the lid or by pressing the button again. Well, this can be done with a solid-state drive that uses SLC-type cells and can withstand tens of thousands of write cycles. The objective of it would not be to save data, but as a memory to recover the situation of our PC. How about never having to start Windows again in your life? Is it okay to be able to continue your game from where you left off? Of course, all this would depend on the life of the battery.