The iPhone 15 will not have this, sadly

The iPhone 15 will not have this, sadly

The number of rumors that come out daily about the next iPhone 15 is incredible, well, despite the fact that there are still months left for Apple to present them, they are also talking about the next iPhone 16, and one of these rumors turns off expectations that many had about the iPhone 15. Keep reading that we will tell you everything.

In September 2022, Apple took a step forward that it had not taken since it introduced the iPhone X and introduced the notch on the iPhone screen . With the Pro models of the iPhone 14, those of Cupertino said goodbye to the notch to make way for the Dynamic Island , a really interesting advance and which, in addition, not only meant the expansion of the screen in terms of useful space, but also he made this dynamic Island have a life of its own.

iPhone X notch

Now, it is clear that Apple’s line to follow is to reduce this dynamic Island over time, until it achieves a device that is all screen , but for this it needs to be able to introduce all the technology that exists for Face ID and the front camera. , within the screen itself. Well, many users hoped that the next iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max would continue to make progress in this regard, but after the rumors that have been known about the iPhone 16, everything indicates that it will not finally be like that.

The Face ID of the iPhone 16 Pro will be below the screen

It is really incredible how the iPhone 15 has not yet come out and there is already talk of what the iPhone 16 will be, specifically the iPhone 16 Pro. As reported by the respected consultant Ross Young , who is an expert in the world of screens, Apple continues to work to achieve the necessary technology to introduce Face ID within the iPhone screen itself, thus continuing the transition from the notch to a completely clean all-screen.

Pantalla iPhone

According to a report by The Elec, Apple is going in the right direction to achieve this goal, but unfortunately it will not be for the iPhone 15. According to the alleged roadmap of the Cupertino company, the plans include introducing the Face ID in the next iPhone 16 Pro , and two years later, that is, in 2026 with the iPhone 18 Pro , also introduce the front camera itself inside the screen, achieving that all-screen iPhone that Cupertino dreams of at the same time. while offering a very high quality front camera and, of course, the best facial unlocking you can find on the market.

Therefore, despite the fact that the possibilities of Face ID being introduced into the screen of the next iPhone were quite unlikely, with this news this possibility can definitely be ruled out. Although, of course, it is clear that Apple’s plans involve achieving a completely clean screen, something that, of course, will make all users who currently have an iPhone in their hands fall in love, and also those who do not.