The iPhone 15 will have USB-C, but prepare your wallet

Since the approval of the European Union (EU) law was announced, which established that all manufacturers of electronic devices sold in it will be obliged to use the USB-C connector in mobile phones , tablets, digital cameras and other devices, there are many who think and speculate about what Apple will do about it.

Now we know a little more about Apple’s plans regarding the new iPhone 15 that will be sold next year and what charging port they will finally come with, and the news may not be as you imagined.

The iPhone 15 will have USB-C

In any case, we will have to wait for the official presentation of the new Apple devices or the date is closer to find out what will finally happen beyond the plans they have today.

The USB-C connector will not reach all iPhone 15

Mydrivers, citing supply chain sources, indicates that Apple will not use the new USB-C connector on all iPhone 15 models launching next year, but only on select ones.

According to reports, only the most expensive iPhone 15 Pro will have the USB-C connector, while the other more basic versions will keep the Lightning connector with which the iPhone is characterized. With this, they might want to encourage their users to opt for more expensive versions that comply with the law in the EU if they want to use the USB-C charger in their new iPhone.

Apple’s chief marketing officer, Greg Joswiak, was asked this week if the company was going to replace its charging port with a USB port and said yes, because they had no other choice .

It is also true that since the regulations apply at the end of 2024, the company has enough time to know how to act, so that it could not only maintain this port on the iPhone 15 but it could also do so on the still unannounced iPhone 16.

The USB port could take a long time

The company has to adapt to European laws, although it has enough time to do it and it does not have to do it in the next models. They are not happy with this obligation and believe that this measure will mean more electronic waste due to the change of Lightning cables. Greg Joswiak himself has assured that this does not encourage innovation, quite the contrary. The discontent is such that they could squeeze the time they have left to the maximum.

It may be that some iPhone 15s arrive with a USB port to encourage sales of more expensive models, as some sources say, but it could also be that none do or even that the iPhone 17s are the first to receive a USB charging port. c. What we will start to ask later is whether they are going to worry about fast charging on the iPhone with USB-C chargers or not it will be a priority issue, even if wireless charging will prevail.

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As things can change until this date we don’t know anything about what is really going to happen until there is some official confirmation about it. The company may not want to give up its charging cable and keep it for other markets, as they may have hinted on occasion, although it is a difficult decision to implement and we do not know how it could be done.