The icons disappear from the mobile: the problem in Android

Surely the icons are essential for you when accessing your mobile apps or certain services quickly. I find them very practical and I even put the ones I use every day on the main screen, leaving others that are less used on other screens. However, all that glitters is not gold and now you may find that one day you do not see them . What happened?

If you want to know why your mobile icons have disappeared from the main screen, there are different reasons why this could have happened. We tell you why you already see us and what to do to remedy it.

The icons disappear from the mobile

These are the most common reasons

There are many reasons why this happens, so sometimes you have to check it little by little until you find what it is. Luckily, it won’t take long if you already have the slightest suspicion. We help you detect the error!

A browser error

One of the main reasons why mobile icons usually disappear, and which happens much more frequently than it seems, is that there is a browser crash or that it restarts after having been updated making the icons disappear. If you configure them again and they disappear, try using them from another browser.

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First of all, check that you do not have the energy saving mode activated, which could also cause them not to appear.


Sometimes the problem is caused by backups, which do not store the shortcuts and cause it to disappear when the backup runs. So if you see this issue occurring when making such a copy, this could be the problem.

You can check this by pausing them for a while to see if this was the cause. It is not a temporary solution, but it is to rule out or confirm this cause.

Have you changed the mobile settings?

Maybe your screen icons suddenly disappear because you have changed your home screen or theme or activated some special setting like Good Lock on Samsung. Depending on the mobile, you may change the icons in any of these configurations.

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For example, when I want to change a theme, Xiaomi gives me the option to do the same with the icons. If you have made any adjustment related to your mobile screen, you have installed a new launcher or similar, it is possible that the problem is that.

You have grouped or deleted them

You may have inadvertently deleted the app icon from your phone’s home screen, or someone else with access to it may have done so. If you see that you are not missing all but only one or two, it may be due to this cause. If your partner is jealous because you talk to other people on Instagram and suddenly their icon disappears, you should not rule out this possibility. You could also have accidentally removed it.

It’s also interesting to see if they’ve been grouped together and are in a new folder, like all of Google together or your phone’s tools. You may even have placed one in a folder without realizing it. It happens more than you can imagine.

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Do not discount the fact that an app has been removed and therefore its shortcut is no longer there.

An update

The problem may be due to a recent update, so if you see that these have disappeared after updating your browser app or operating system, this could be the problem. It is not the most common, but the new version could present problems.

If this is what happens, try to recover the previous version and wait for a new update that does not present this problem. If it is the operating system, it may have been installed without taking into account the configurations you had, so you will have no choice but to recreate your own shortcuts.