The graphics of the new Call of Duty are so incredible that it seems that you are watching a movie

new Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is about to hit stores. Those users who reserved their digital edition have already been playing the campaign for several days and are verifying that this new installment of the saga is crazy graphically speaking. And to verify it, you just have to take a look at the first scene of the game.

The graphics of Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

It is simply amazing. Playing on an Xbox Series X in 4K and HDR, the cutscenes the game is delivering have absolutely blown my mind. If Black Ops 2 drew attention as soon as the campaign started with that scene in the bar with the neon lights, now Modern Warfare 2 rewrites the concept of leaving your mouth open with a mountain gorge that looks like something out of a YouTube video in resolution 8K.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Really. The first seconds with the game are a tremendous declaration of intent, where the mountainous landscape seems to be a real video, a documentary of those sleeping pills in which they explain how the weather has eroded the Al Mazrah gorges, only this time you are there , passing a helicopter over you and approaching a terrorist camp that they are going to bomb shortly.

The Amsterdam Mission

But if there is one scene in particular that is giving people something to talk about, it is the mission in Amsterdam . The plot of the campaign takes us to the Dutch city to capture a terrorist member and the setting is immediately surprising for its realism. The way you feel that the city is alive, light in the environment and the detail of the textures in things as insignificant as the garbage that you can find on the street is of such a level that you cannot stop looking and browsing and leave the mission for another time.

And yes, it is not perfect, and pointillist opinions have not been slow to appear, but we cannot deny that the result is hats off. Of course you know you’re in a video game when you see NPCs walking, or when some reflections don’t do their job properly, or when you look closely at a texture.

But it is undeniable to applaud the result achieved, something that may have been a complicated job, but at the same time fun for the developers, since it is not a scene in which we have to constantly attack, they have probably focused their efforts on making it visually perfect. .

The best Call of Duty?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II.

Taking into account that for this Call of Duty they have brought together all the possible studios, it is easy to think that the work done on this occasion is titanic. The results are obvious, and the campaign is offering amazing moments, and not only because of the graphic level as we have seen, but also because of the narrative and the epicness with which the characters have been treated throughout the plot. We are possibly facing one of the most complete Call of Duty to date, and the icing on the cake could be the arrival of the new Warzone 2.0.