The Google Maps trick to find the cheapest gas stations

With the price of gasoline giving a break according to months ago, there are gas stations such as Cepsa, Repsol or BP that offer from 30 to 50 cents of additional discount. But, in addition, we can also use Google Maps with which it will offer us the best way to find these cheapest service stations near us. Do you want to know how?

Google Maps is a very simple method

The Google Maps trick to find the cheapest gas stations

Still, despite this ‘slight respite’, the situation is still quite far from what we had before the war between Russia and Ukraine. For this reason, and seeing how the situation is and if you use the car a lot to get to work every day, you are surely wondering how to find the cheapest gas stations wherever you are.

And that is what we now have with everyday applications for our vehicle, such as Google Maps. Because if; Thanks to it, we can find a way to locate the service stations that offer the lowest fuel prices on the map near us, a novelty implemented since rising costs emerged.

Normally, the cheapest day to fill the tank is Monday . On the other hand, the most expensive days to refuel are those that come with the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Well, beware, there is a very simple method, and without downloading anything unrelated to the application itself, as you can see.

How to do it

Now this task can be fulfilled much more easily with the help of Google Maps, which shows the gas stations closest to your location or the point you have selected and allows you to check their price .

The steps to follow are simple. You just have to open the Google Maps app and at the top of the search engine write the word gas stations or with the button explore access the horizontal list of services offered by the application. Among them we find Gas Stations , along with an icon of a pump. We click there.

Gasolineras baratas Google Maps

At that time, the nearest service stations and the prices per liter of unleaded 95 and diesel, the main fuels used by the population, will appear. That’s when, by clicking on the button, a carousel will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen with all the available options. Each of these new ‘pins’ will display, in addition to the pump icon, a legend with the name of each gas station and the current price per liter of fuel.

You will find all the information of the gas stations

Of course, once one of them is chosen, Google Maps offers the usual navigation to the destination as with any other place. And, as always, by clicking on any of these locations you will be able to see all the available information about the place: address, hours, photos or the latest user reviews. Likewise, you will be able to consult an influx graph that will allow you to find the ideal time of day to refuel without having to wait in line.

And in the unlikely event that you find yourself in an unknown area and need to refuel urgently, you can continue planning a quick route to the nearest station, avoiding traffic jams or even red lights that go on red longer than necessary.

In addition, there are a number of factors that affect the difference in prices between one station and another. The first is usually the staff, which in low-cost companies is either non-existent or consists of one or two employees. The second is the offer of complementary services , and it is normal that there is food, cafeteria, press, etc. in the standard ones.