The good and bad of AI in mobile cameras

Artificial Intelligence has been a disruptive technology that has transformed different industries in recent years, including mobile photography. Although right now ChatGPT , Midjourney or other programs are the order of the day, the truth is that the integration of AI in mobile cameras came a long time before.

This tool has revolutionized the way users take photos with their mobile phones or record videos, and has made it possible to capture high-quality images without the need for technical knowledge in photography. However, the AI ​​has also been criticized for being too intrusive in the photographer’s operations.

AI in mobile camera

The good thing about AI in mobile cameras

One of the main advantages of AI in mobile cameras is the improvement in the quality of photos without the user having any knowledge of the variables that affect image capture. AI is used to improve the sharpness, contrast, and exposure of photos, resulting in sharper, more detailed photos. In addition, the AI ​​can automatically identify subjects in photos, such as people, animals, or landscapes, and adjust settings based on what’s in front of the lens to make things look better.

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But the AI ​​has also evolved to make taking photos at night much easier. Instead of having to activate manual mode on mobile cameras and having to touch values ​​​​such as ISO or shutter speed, with automatic mode and the AI ​​​​activated, image processing is carried out to increase the brightness and reduce noise in photos taken in low light conditions. In this way, it is unnecessary to use the flash and we can take better photos at night.

The AI ​​also helps portrait mode . This mode usually uses a focus assist lens on most phones, but if your smartphone doesn’t have one, artificial intelligence can detect the main subject in the foreground of the photo and blur the background, resulting in result in more professional and aesthetically appealing photos.

The bad of the AI

However, like everything in this world, the AI ​​of your phone’s camera is not as useful as it may seem at first. Regarding privacy and security, we talked about the fact that AI can be used to collect data from people, such as their image, without their knowledge or consent. There are many who complain that mobile cameras equipped with this tool can be used to identify people in real time and track their movements and behaviors.

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But, if we stick to the photographic section, the truth is that AI greatly limits the creative possibilities of users. Imagine you’re taking a photo at sunset where the sun is casting an elegant contrast on a foreground subject. If you have AI turned on, you can artificially light that subject and lose all the artistic component of the shot, resulting in a completely flat image.

This is repeated in other types of captures, where the control of the scene comes to depend on a machine , and not on our gaze. Therefore, if you want to take good, different, creative, and more professional photos , we encourage you to disable the AI ​​from the top button that appears in your camera app.