The funniest tennis games for Mac

Tennis is a sport that is currently booming. If you are a person who likes to follow him intensely, surely you have wanted to put yourself in the shoes of a player or a coach of this discipline. Now, with the different video games that exist, you will be able to get it easily due to the quality they have and the great variety that exists.

What to look for in these games

The funniest tennis games for Mac

Many different tennis game options can be found on the Mac App Store, and also on Steam itself. But you always have to look for the best possible options to make the best purchase, and above all that suits your personal tastes. That is why we recommend that you follow the following points as tips to make a successful choice:

  • Movement system: when we talk about tennis games, it is logical that you should always look for a good movement system. In this case, you have to look for all the characteristics that make playing a fairly natural movement on the part of the NPCs. In addition, the integration with the command must also be adequate, avoiding the possible delays that may exist when
  • Game system : as in many other sports themes, there are several options that can be found in all of these. One in which the player is the entire protagonist, controlling the tennis player and all the movements that are made. But there are also other options that are focused solely on management, managing the budget or the training system that is going to be done.
  • Graphics : this is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when we talk about any video game. Beyond being functional, it must also enter through the eyes and if it is realistic, it certainly provides a point of fun that is extra. In the different stores you can find different options, and we always recommend checking reviews or gameplays to see if they have adequate and optimized graphics.
  • Price : it is a reality that the games do not have a really cheap price. Many different price ranges can be found on the Mac App Store or on Steam. Obviously, you will have to adjust very well to the budget you have in hand. The options will be many and depending on the developer or the quality of the video game in general, you can find a more or less economical price.

Take possession of the player

When we talk about tennis games, the first thing that comes to mind are those options whose mission is to control the player himself. In this way, it is possible to have the best possible experience, and above all to have the satisfaction of being able to win the different prizes yourself by having absolute control of all the movements that are carried out.

Tennis elbow 2013

Created by and for tennis fans. It is a simulation game with an easy and intuitive learning curve, but with an exceptional depth of gameplay. You will have to show all your tactical skills, use an iron mind and above all have quick reflexes, as well as a sharp eye to be able to guess the trajectories of the balls. Obviously, all of this is necessary in order to choose your own shot wisely.

To beat your opponent you will have the option to choose between all the possible blows on a real court, from the safe hit to the acceleration. Includes drop shot. The simulation is designed for all tennis lovers, whether for those who are playing with a controller or if they opt for the keyboard and mouse. In addition, it includes a visual aid system to aim the ball and position the player.

Developer: Mana Games

Blobby tennis

Macs integrate compatibility with various virtual reality systems such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. These devices are ideal in all areas to be able to enjoy games in augmented reality with great quality. On Steam, this game stands out that is compatible with this system and that puts you in the first person before a racket, and play as if you were on a real court.

It has a relaxing beach scene, and in this way you can control the racket and also the ball with your hand. Unfortunately, you will not be able to play against someone virtually in this option on Steam. In these cases, the software will assess the type of blow you are giving, in order to finally have a very specific score of everything you have been achieving.

Developer: SlinDev

Retro Tennis


This is a really simple game that, as the name suggests, has a retro design and mechanics. Unfortunately it does not have a great realism like other games that have 3D engines. It can be said that it is more of a hobby than anything else to enjoy the experience with a really simple control. You will not see complex menus of skills or management of an entire tennis team.

As we have commented, the control is very simple because it is based simply on using the mouse and the space bar . The first of these will allow you to move the player along the track, while the space bar will be in charge of hitting the ball. With this, what is mainly trained is the reflex to be able to know when the blow is struck against the ball.

Tennis – Happy Twenties


Transport yourself to the years 0, the golden age of tennis thanks to this video game for your Mac. Join upper class ladies and gentlemen participating in magnificent matches of the past and putting your ingenuity and skills to the test on the court. Use the controller or the keyboard and mouse controls to perform various types and decide where to move your player. As you play, the intelligence system will study your style of play to adapt at all times.

If you prefer to serve, volley or stay on the serve line, you can always choose the style of games that suits you best. You are going to enjoy the clothing courts and the tactical game to be able to perfect your skills. You will finally compete against the top players in the world and become the number one tennis champion, to be able to surpass anyone.

Tennis elbow 4

Improved version of this incredible tennis game for any Mac, giving a touch of realism to the whole experience. In this case, the realism of tennis rallies is further delved into by providing a completely reconditioned ball, stroke and player physics . Created by and for tennis fans, this is a tennis simulation that will not cost you anything to understand from minute zero.

One of the most complex Word Tours ever made in a tennis video game is presented. With more than 3,500 players evolving over several decades competing in more than 400 tournaments each year, from the rankings of low-ranking Junior tournaments to finals of high-level professional events, both in singles and doubles competition, you will feel like a true professional tennis career.

Developer: Mana Games

Management focused games

If you are a person who is passionate about administration and team management, you should know that there are many options that are focused on this characteristic facet. Next, we tell you the main options.

Tennis Manager 2021

This game is set in the boom that exists in tennis academies. The development of these will offer thousands of players the opportunity to reach the top of the tennis world. But as a manager, it is your opportunity to develop your academy and get the best out of the players you have under your responsibility. From local tournaments to Grand Slam, the future of the champions will be in your own hands.

At first you will be able to enter the academy of your choice or create your own from scratch to start all the management. Tennis courts, medical facilities, business centers or your own tennis school. All this is what can be built in your academy. And even if it is expensive, you will be able to improve the entire experience of your academy, and you can improve the performance of the players.

Developer: Rebound CG

Tennis Elbow Manager 2

With this tennis game, you will become a brilliant coach to reach the first place in the world with your player. But of course, getting there can be very easy, but the difficult thing is staying at the top of the leaderboard . There are many titles that are available such as the Grand Slam.

The game also features a full 3D match engine , allowing you to play tennis however you want in the training club. Optionally, you will be able to take control of your player during all the tournament matches in 3D. However, this will cause the management part to become unbalanced, as some skills will be of less importance when playing alone.

Developer: Mana Games

Which one do we recommend

It has been seen that there are many games that can be found in the Mac App Store and Steam. In case you are a big fan of management, without a doubt we highly recommend you try Tennis Manager 2021. It has very good graphics and a wide variety of options that are open to provide different management features such as building different buildings and do a great training to all the players so that they end up winning all the possible prizes.

But if you are more about taking the racket and directing the player yourself, Tennis Elbow 4 will be your favorite game on this theme. He has very accomplished physics in both the player and the ball so that the experience is complete. In addition, there will be many tournaments that you can face along the progression curve. In this way you can always be measuring all the achievements that you are obtaining.