The First iPhone: Understanding Its Value as a Collectible Today

The first generation iPhone, a device that marked a revolutionary turn in mobile technology, is not just a piece of tech but a collector’s item with significant historical value. While it was once available at a consumer-friendly price, today, its value varies significantly depending on its condition and availability.

iphone 1st

The Initial Cost and Its Evolution

At its launch in 2007, the first iPhone was a premium product with a price that reflected its innovative technology. Over time, as newer models were introduced and technology advanced, the original iPhone transitioned from a daily use device to a collector’s item.

Current Market Value of the First iPhone

Today, the value of the first iPhone can range dramatically based on its condition:

  • Sealed Units: A factory-sealed original iPhone is a rare find and commands top dollar at auctions, recently fetching as much as 170,000 euros. The sealed condition guarantees untouched quality, making it an ultimate prize for collectors.
  • Used Units: More commonly available are used models, which can be found for much more reasonable prices. On platforms like eBay, prices for a used first iPhone vary from around 50 to 150 euros, depending on the device’s condition.

Collecting vs. Selling

For those who own an original iPhone, you might wonder whether to hold onto it or sell. Given the current accessible prices for used models, it might seem tempting to sell, especially if in need of quick cash. However, considering the potential for value appreciation as the model becomes rarer over time, holding onto it could be a more lucrative long-term investment.

The Collector’s Outlook

For enthusiasts and collectors, acquiring an original iPhone now could be a wise investment. The tech market has consistently shown that the first editions of revolutionary products tend to increase in value as they become rarer. Given Apple‘s iconic status and the historical significance of the iPhone, its potential for appreciation is considerable.

Moreover, creative representations of the first iPhone, such as disassembled units framed as artwork, are available for around 200 euros. These art pieces offer a unique way to own a piece of tech history in a form that’s both decorative and conversational.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a collector, or simply nostalgic, the first iPhone represents more than just old technology—it’s a milestone in the tech industry and a potential investment. The decision to buy or sell one should weigh current market prices against future value and personal sentiment.