The favorite data to steal with a ransomware attack

We can say that ransomware is one of the biggest security threats on the network today. Hackers typically seek to encrypt files and systems and then demand a ransom in return. But they can also extort money by stealing information. In this article, we are going to talk about what data attackers prefer to steal and how you can be protected from this security problem.

What information does extortion ransomware seek

The favorite data to steal with a ransomware attack

It is known as extortion ransomware when an attacker steals information and threatens to make it public or delete it. To avoid that, the victim will have to pay money. But of course, what kind of data and information do attackers prefer? Keep in mind that in this case they especially attack companies and organizations.

A group of security researchers from Rapid7 have created a report where they collect what type of data attackers are looking for the most. There the financial information wins by a lot. It is present in 63% of extortion ransomware attacks. It is also quite common for customer or patient data to be leaked, appearing in almost half of the attacks, at 48%.

Further away are the data related to intellectual property . In that case they are present in 12% of extortion ransomware. Of course, when it comes to intellectual property in pharmaceuticals, things change, since it is present in 43% of thefts and clearly shows us the importance for attackers.

Therefore, as you can see, cybercriminals are mainly looking to steal data related to financial operations, bank details, customers or patients. In this way they can extort money through a ransomware attack and achieve their goal of financial gain.

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How to avoid these attacks

What can we do to avoid extortion ransomware or any other variety? It is important to take certain precautionary measures so as not to fall into the trap and suffer computer attacks. The main thing is going to be common sense . Most attacks of this type will require us to make a mistake. For example that we click on a link or that we download something.

But it will also be essential to have everything updated correctly. Having the latest versions will help us correct certain vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals and sneak in some ransomware in this way. Therefore, you should always make sure that you have the latest versions.

Likewise, another tip to avoid ransomware is to have a good antivirus installed. Security programs will help detect threats when we download a fraudulent file or install a program that actually contains malicious software. There are many options available, but you must always choose one that really protects you.

In short, here are some tips to avoid this threat. Mainly it is essential to avoid mistakes to protect ourselves from ransomware. But you can also take into account the importance of having the latest versions and installing a good antivirus.