The failures that nobody tells you about AMOLED screens

It is becoming more and more common to buy a mobile phone with an AMOLED screen, since the price of these components and of the devices themselves has dropped significantly. However, as good as these panels may be, all that glitters is not gold and there are also situations where the result is not ideal.

So that you don’t get an unwanted surprise, we are going to explain problems with AMOLED technology in mobile phones that they don’t always tell you about. This does not mean that we always have to buy an IPS LCD panel, although we should forget that there are no faults that can spoil the experience in this type of smartphone.

The failures that nobody tells you about AMOLED screens

burned areas

One of the most unwanted situations happens because the component of our terminal says enough is enough and specifically an area of the AMOLED screen becomes unusable because it has burned. It is not something that happens because of heat or a lighter, but this happens as a result of wear, possibly anticipated, of the pixels.

Pantalla del móvil quemada

After many hours on, a particular area may stop offering us the same color tone, the brightness level that we see in the rest of the panel or even end up turning off completely. Although there are methods to fix burned pixels on the mobile, these do not always end up working and we are forced to resort to technical service.

flashes of light

One of the most repeated situations among the problems of AMOLED panels is also repeated in those of LCD technology. We refer to those tones of light that protrude from the sides of the phone or even that come from elements that we see on the screen. Although sometimes we cannot recognize it with a simple glance, if we subtly approach it, we can verify that the result is not the desired one.

Black tones with hidden shine

Among the great promises of AMOLED screens is the quality of showing us pure blacks. This offers us a very notable contrast with the rest of the colors, making movies, series or even social networks a delight. Without going any further from reality, this is not always how they paint it and sometimes the result reveals a parallel reality in which the black tone does not exist completely with the light of the room turned off.

problema pantalla mi 11 lite

If this happens, our view will not be as protected as we wanted, because we will not really enjoy a high quality image and also the battery savings of turning off the pixels will not be complete.

The solution is usually simple

Although there are several problems that can arise around this type of panel, luckily for us, the way to fix it does not always go through technical service. Both in what corresponds to the flashes, as well as the poorly optimized black tones, the key is an update that corrects the situation.

All this usually occurs more in smartphones that have just been presented and that, luckily, with a quick patch, manufacturers manage to improve the result of the panel with instant calibration . For our part, we also have a lot to do, since all phones have a screen menu in the configuration in which we can vary the intensity of the color and the final result that it gives us.