The devices you cannot miss in your smart home

Home automation is increasingly present in our homes. We can automate tasks, link devices together and even save energy. There are many options available, but in this article we are going to focus on which ones we consider essential for a smart home . You will see that you are not necessarily going to have to make a large financial investment, since you could get really cheap devices to start with.

The devices you cannot miss in your smart home

Must-have home automation devices

There are all kinds of smart devices . You can buy a fridge that has Wi-Fi and make a significant investment, but you can also just buy a light bulb and control it remotely. Although the range of options is very wide, to get started you really will not have to pay a lot of money.

Wi-Fi plugs

Something that we consider essential for home automation is having plugs with Wi-Fi. They are cheap devices, but they provide great usability. You can connect all kinds of devices to them and they are also easy to use. There are also smart power strips, in case you want to connect more than one device.

For example, you will be able to connect a stove or air conditioning. It doesn’t matter if they are old devices. From that moment on, you will be able to decide when to turn them on from your mobile. Of course, the usability will be basic, since you will only be able to turn on or off the things that you connect. It is interesting to program when a coffee maker, dishwasher, etc. turns on.

In addition, normally smart plugs allow you to see how much an appliance consumes. This is interesting in order to save energy at home. You will be able to have greater control and thus avoid spending more than necessary.

You can see some examples:


You can also count on very varied sensors. They are used to have greater control over your home, see what the temperature is, the humidity, etc. They can even help you avoid serious problems that may appear and thus avoid domestic accidents. There is a wide variety of options.

We consider it essential to have intelligent temperature and humidity sensors. That will help you better control heating and cooling to save energy. But smoke detectors are also important, for example. Devices of this type come in handy to avoid serious problems in the event of a fire.

These smart sensors will send an alert to the mobile to report a problem. This will give you time to prevent the fire from spreading. There are also air quality sensors. It is important to have a good connection, so sometimes you will have to install Wi-Fi repeaters.

Smart bulbs

On the other hand, Wi-Fi light bulbs are also cheap and useful devices for a smart home. They are very easy to use, you can place them anywhere and in some cases they will even save on electricity bills. There are many models, but basically they allow you to control them remotely and regulate the light.

In some cases they will have a built-in movement sensor . This will allow them to turn on or off depending on whether they detect presence. Very useful to put in a garage, at the front door, etc. You will gain in comfort, but you will also be able to save energy by having them on only for the essential time.

As you can see, there are different home automation devices that should be at home. They are useful for day to day and are also economical. You do not need to make a large financial investment, at least to have the basics. Of course, it is convenient that you buy devices with guarantees and that they really work well.