The definitive solution to the PS5 SSD temperature problem

Every day we find ourselves with rare peripherals and sometimes with some that try to solve problems that, since they are not urgent, we do not usually give importance to. Well, we are facing one of these products. A heatsink for the PS5 SSD with the ability to remove air from the console’s fan. Genius or firefighter idea?

Both Xbox Series and PS5 are next-generation consoles with the particularity of using an SSD or solid-state drive as a storage system. However, SONY’s console makes use of M.2 cards like those used in PCs. What gives us a greater offer of options instead of being limited to the proprietary cards of its rival, although it is easier to install. However, one of the things that most worry users is the fact that the unit ends up in a drawer. However, the solution that the folks at GRAUGEAR have come up with could be a solution for drives that are too hot.

PS5 SSD temperature problem

This SSD cooler takes fresh air from the PS5

As can be seen in the images below, the solution consists of a heat sink for SSD whose design has been designed to be able to take direct air from the huge fan that comes with the SONY console. So it is not intended to be used on a PC and not in the event that we see a possible PS5 Slim in stores whose industrial design and organization of the components is different.

And what does it offer compared to a heatsink for conventional PS5 SSDs? Well, the fact of being able to reach lower temperatures to thereby cut the average temperature from 25º C to 15 °C. The heat sink itself is aluminum, but the part that takes air from the console fan is copper. All this in about 70 grams of weight and with a price at the time of writing this news is totally unknown to us.

In any case, everything seems an exaggeration to us, since despite what is said about the placement of the PS5 SSD, it is not in a situation in which it could have fatal overheating. Of course, a little extra protection never hurts. Especially in very hot climates where they reach high temperatures, where in that case, extra help is always welcome.

By the way, a couple of recommendations

By the way, and since the console usually runs out of space for the games, we are going to recommend two units so that you have your games already installed. On the one hand, a 2 TB Crucial P5 that you can find right now for less than 200 euros as it is at a 33% discount. On the other we have chosen a 1 TB capacity Sabrent unit. Both with the necessary bandwidth and speed to be used with the next generation console from SONY.