The consumption each time you use the washing machine, but you can save

There are certain appliances that can consume a lot of electricity and one of them is the washing machine. Knowing exactly how much you spend is a good idea. That will also help you control its use and be able to save. You can even decide at what time of day to use it if you have hourly discrimination in the electricity rate. In this article we are going to talk about how much it costs to put the washing machine on.

How much does it cost to put the washing machine

The consumption each time you use the washing machine

First of all, it must be taken into account that not all washing machines consume the same and there are also differences depending on the program you use. Therefore, what we can do is take an average to calculate how much it costs us to wash clothes. At least we can get a rough idea.

According to the OCU, on average a washing machine will consume 1,034 Wh per wash . However, the most efficient models will consume even more than half. But as we say, we are starting from the average, which in the end is what affects the majority. Therefore, we are talking about approximately 1 kWh each time you put the washing machine to wash clothes.

Now, what does that translate to in monetary terms? That will depend on the rate you have contracted, whether or not you have hourly discrimination and the current price of energy. If we take the price of €0.20 per kWh as a reference, that is exactly what it costs us to put on the washing machine approximately.

Therefore, on average we can say that more or less putting on the washing machine will consume 1 kWh, which at the current price translates into about €0.20. But to that you also have to add the cost of water, logically. Once again taking data from the OCU, a 7 kg washing machine will consume about 50 liters, which is a little more than €0.11 on average. We are talking in total, adding electricity and water, of just over €0.30 per wash .

Tips to save when using the washing machine

What can we do to spend less when using the washing machine? You can take into account some tips. One of them, common sense, is to use it only when you can fill it with clothes . That is, avoid putting the washing machine for three shirts and pants. Ideally, it should be as full as possible, just like you would put in the dishwasher when it’s full, for example.

You can also consider using eco programs . Washing machines, especially the most modern ones, will have different programs. The longer the program lasts and the hotter the water, the higher the consumption. Use the fastest programs whenever possible and you can save.

Also, one more tip is to put the washing machine in the cheapest hours of the day . But of course, you can do this as long as you have a rate with hourly discrimination. In that case you can put it when it costs cheaper. You can even use a smart plug to schedule the ignition exactly at the time that is most economical.

In short, as you can see, putting the washing machine can cost you a little more than €0.30 on average. It can be something more or something less depending on the model you use, the program, your water rate, etc. However, you can take into account certain tips to save and spend a little less when using it.