The classic Tamagotchi returns to the iPhone 14 Pro with a trick

Who has not had a Tamagotchi in their life? Surely you who are reading me now have dreamed at some point of having that digital pet that was so fashionable and still is today. Well now, whether you were wanting to have one, or if you want to relive old moments from nostalgia, if you have an iPhone 14 Pro you can do it thanks to the Dynamic Island and the possibilities that it offers us.

We can use this nice tool thanks to an app that we can find, called Pixel Pals and that is not so much an app, but rather a widget that will place a Tamagotchi on your dynamic island. Do you want to know how? We explain it to you!

The classic Tamagotchi returns to the iPhone 14 Pro

Raise your Tamagotchi on your iPhone

To start taking care of your Tamagotchi, within the iPhone you will simply have to download the Pixels Pals app and once you download it, open the app and activate the widget, which should be activated instantly with your Tamagotchi appearing on top of the dynamic island, where you will see him playing. When you leave this app, you will see how it goes to the center of the dynamic island and from there you can interact with this Tamagotchi in the way you want, each one having its own name.

Just like you can do with a Tamagotchi in real life, you can also interact with it in different ways, such as playing with it by pressing the play button or feeding it with the red button, being able to choose between several Available options. The button that you will find on the left is not really to perform any action with your Tamagotchi, but it will be to go directly to the settings of this widget and be able to configure it as you want.

You can also make use of Live Activities and with the screen locked, be able to have your pet with you and watch what it does at all times; In the same way, you can also use it as a widget on your home screen.

Also, while you are using the Dynamic Island, you will see how this cute little animal climbs on top of the tool and starts running around, playing or showing you your love through hearts. A good way to feel accompanied at all times inside your iPhone 14 pro, as if it were a pet.

Unfortunately, in the event that we want to carry out this on an Android phone or that is not even iPhone 14 Pro, you will not be able to use the app in the best possible way. Yes, it is true that in the case of having an iPhone with iOS 15 or higher, you can download it, but the experience will not be the same.

More options with the Premium plan

And the possibilities that this app offers you are not limited to the one that we have explained to you, but it goes much further and thanks to the Premium plan of this app, we will have the possibility of acquiring many other tools that will give us the most complete experience possible. .

We can subscribe to this premium plan for just €1.99 per month or €13.99 per year, one last possibility that obviously makes this premium plan much cheaper and that we can use to unlock all the possibilities that this app offers you. Within this unlocking is the fact of having all the animals available to be able to put them on your screen. In turn, all the backgrounds of the widgets and all their tools will also be available to you. Therefore, if you use this app a lot and it seems curious to you, it is not a lot of money per year for having all your needs unlocked.