The change Amazon doesn’t want you to make to your account to save money

In these times we subscribe to a multitude of online services and platforms that provide us with various advantages. One of these subscriptions is found with the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

The truth is that over the years what was originally an online store has become a complete platform for multiple uses. At this time and after paying your annual fee, which is 49.99 euros, we will have some interesting advantages in the Amazon Prime model. Here we can highlight that we will not pay shipping costs on purchases managed by Amazon itself, we will have a streaming video platform available, music, digital books and more.

The change Amazon doesn't want you to make to your account

We must also take into consideration that we have the possibility of paying for a monthly subscription. But those who regularly use Amazon, generally pay once a year and thus disregard until after 12 months. However, for example, if we subscribe to other video or music streaming platforms , we are more used to making these payments on a monthly basis. This means that sometimes we can find some unwanted bank charges when it comes to the aforementioned Amazon.

The main reason for all this is quite obvious, and it is that we can forget about that receipt that we are going to receive after a year and that at this moment is already close to 50 euros . Therefore, this charge, in the event that it is not expected at first, for many families can be a serious inconvenience. So, next, we are going to show you how to avoid these unwanted charges from Amazon and thus avoid these dislikes.

Change this setting on Amazon and avoid scares

In order to have more control over the management of our account when it comes to Amazon payments , we can make some changes and configurations. For this, for example, we can access the online store through our favorite internet browser. Next, we go to the section called My account , where we find various entries. The one that interests you in this case is Prime.

Gestionar amazon

Now, in the upper right part of the window that appears on the screen, click on Manage Subscription . This will give us a new drop-down list in which we can control the payments to our Amazon Prime subscription. Well, in order to avoid unexpected or unwanted charges for said subscription, the first thing we do is activate the box that allows us to receive a reminder before the charge is passed by the bank .

At the same time we also find a button that allows us to end our subscription to Amazon Prime at that very moment. This is something that we recommend you do so that you do not receive the subscription renewal charge. We must bear in mind that we will continue to benefit from all the advantages of this modality until the last day on which the current subscription ends.

finalizar amazon

The only difference is that it will no longer be renewed automatically, so we avoid that the charge is carried out in our bank account, even if we forget all about it.