The Best Xbox Series X/S Compatible Racing Wheels

Racing video games are one of the most popular types among fans of video consoles and PC games. For a moment, we can experience the feeling of riding in a single-seater, a rally car or in one of the most spectacular and expensive cars in the world. A waste of adrenaline without the risk of driving one of these cars in reality, not to mention that for most humans it is something unattainable.

However, it is not the same to enjoy one of our favorite racing titles using a keyboard or the game console itself as if we use our own steering wheel, we can even use accessories with gear levers or pedals .

Racing Wheels

If you are the owner of the new Xbox Series X / S consoles and you are thinking of buying a wheel to enjoy each race to the fullest, then we are going to show some of the wheels compatible with Microsoft video consoles so that you can choose the one you like best. or better suits your budget.

Of course, when choosing a racing wheel for our console, the main thing is to look at its compatibility . There are a lot of models compatible with different consoles and PCs that are compatible only for a certain platform, it is even possible that we find some models compatible with Xbox, but they do not work with Xbox Series X / S. We have already made that selection, so in the following list you will find all kinds of models compatible with your game console so that you can simply choose the one that best suits your needs.

As you can see, we can find models with all kinds of prices, replicas of the steering wheels of mythical Ferrari cars, typical of the Xbox brand and we even add a curious and useful accessory that allows you to turn the console control into a remote control. racing at a very attractive price.

Steering wheels compatible with Xbox Series X / S

ThrustMaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310

Scale replica of the Sparco P310 Competition, a flywheel with a powerful 40-watt brushless servo motor with cooling system to offer perfect and constant performance even with intensive use in long-term competitions. It has a dual belt-pulley system, Turbo Power supply for greater energy efficiency and is accompanied by adjustable metal pedals. Compatible with Xbox Series X.

ThrustMaster TS-XW Racer replica Sparco P310

ThrustMaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition

Hand-stitched leather steering wheel for maximum racing comfort with a new optimized frictionless dual strap mechanism accompanied by a set of metal pedals. Delivers ultra-responsive and fully realistic force effects with no latency. It is compatible with Xbox Series X and also with PC.

ThrustMaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition

Logitech G923

Complete Logitech steering wheel compatible with Xbox Series X / S with programmable dual clutch control to make our outings as fast and effective as possible. It also has a rev indicator with LED lights, is covered in black leather that offers great sensitivity and incorporates a selection dial to control the racing settings from which we can configure the traction, rotation, stability, brake power. and much more.

volante para Xbox Series X Logitech G923

HORI Force Feedback DLX

It is a steering wheel from the manufacturer HORI that has an official license from Microsoft, compatible with Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. It has metal paddles for sequential change from the steering wheel, extra large analog pedals for a more realistic driving experience, etc. A model that will go on sale on July 31 so that it is already available for pre-sale.

Volante para Xbox Series X HORI Force Feedback DLX

ThrustMaster TMX Force Feedback

ThrustMaster steering wheel compatible with Xbox Series X that has a Force Feedback system 900 degrees plus mixed system of gears and belt-pulley with metal shaft with bearings. A high quality steering wheel to offer the best experience and that includes pedals that allow it to be adjusted in up to three different angles of inclination for greater comfort.

Volante para Xbox Series X ThrustMaster TMX Force Feedback

ThrustMaster Ferrari F1

Full-size replica of the officially licensed Ferrari 2011 Formula 1 racing wheel featuring brushed metal “Push & Pull” gearshift, metal reinforced front and rubber texture for great grip. A multi-platform compatible steering wheel including Xbox Series X.

volante ThrustMaster Ferrari F1 para Xbox Series X

Xbox One

X / S Series Compatible Xbox Original Licensed Steering Wheel Paired With High Sensitivity Analog Pedals. It has paddles on the steering wheel, a rotation angle of 270 degrees and programmable buttons.

Volante para Xbox Series X/S

ThrustMaster Guillemot Ferrari GTE

Replica of the Ferrari 458 Challenge with official Ferrari license and a diameter of 28 cm. It has two large paddles for a sequential change from the steering wheel itself, made of brushed material. It also has 6 action buttons that are easily accessible and easily removable through the Thrustmaster Quick Release system.

Volante para xbox series X ThrustMaster Guillemot Ferrari GTE

HORI Overdrive

This Hori model is a steering wheel that is also officially licensed by Microsoft. It has a diameter of 280 mm, includes paddles for sequential change from the steering wheel itself and analog pedals. It offers a simple setup process and is compatible with Xbox One, Windows, and Xbox Series X.

Volante para Xbox Series X HORI Overdrive


Although it is not a real wheel for Xbox Series X / S, the truth is that this accessory allows us to convert our console’s controller into a racing wheel with all its functionality. It has a base with suction cups so that we can adhere it to any smooth surface with total ease and good grip and an arm that has a steering wheel-shaped finish that allows us to house the Xbox Series X / S controller and turn it into a steering wheel. careers. Very useful, easy to use and inexpensive.

accesorio volante para Xbox Series X/S