The Best USB Type C Hub to expand the connections of a laptop

usb-typec-hubThe most current laptops usually include a USB Type-C port and, some of them, need the rest. The truth is that this makes sense, since the possibilities offered by this connection are really wide … but initially the use is limited. Well, this is something that solves with a Hub that is complete and offers wide compatibility.

These accessories have become almost indispensable for those who have latest generation Apple models and, also, from other manufacturers such as Huawei or Lenovo itself.

The case is that with them with a simple element a large number of connections are added to the computers that need it and, therefore, the restrictions go to a better life . That is, it is more than advisable to have one to take it from one place to another and even use it at home.

Leaving aside the design and finish, where there are options of all kinds and therefore you can choose the one you like (obviously, the ideal is that the dimensions are as small as possible without thereby damaging the amount of minimum connections that are sought), the truth is that USB Type C Hubs are an excellent solution that make very clear the great capacity and compatibility offered by this type of connection that is also present in a good number of smartphones and tablets.

What a USB Type C Hub must have to be complete

The truth is that there are some things that should be taken into account when buying such an accessory. An example is that the models that acquire the power to work directly from the port of the laptop are much more suitable since it is possible to use it in any circumstance, whether or not you have access to a plug. Therefore, that the device is type Bus Powered is something that should be checked (especially if you are one of those who go from one side to another with the equipment).

USB tipo C

Something that not many usually notice and that is directly linked to the utility of the Hub is the length of the cable that goes to the USB Type-C port of the laptop. Being very long is a nuisance, especially when saving it, but if it is short, usability is lost since it forces this element to be close to a computer.

The average that we believe is adequate is at most half a meter , but always longer than 20 centimeters. In this way, it is always right (there are models that offer the option of using a cable that is removed and placed, and this is not a bad possibility, really).

Other options that should be reviewed before anything else

The essentials here is that the Hub that is purchased includes connections to ensure that they provide the most appropriate service. Next, we leave those that we believe are indispensable:

  • A USB Type C compatible with 3.0 and it is good to support charging
  • Two USB Type A compatible with 3.0
  • HDMI output that, students, allows Full HD resolution
  • Memory card reader, which supports both SD and microSD

Uso de portátil con Windows 10

There are models that offer other possibilities, such as an Ethernet port to connect to the cable network, which are things that should be assessed if this is an essential complement for you. The case is that if everything we have indicated is present in the accessory, there is no doubt that it will meet all kinds of expectations.

Models that are the best in the market

These are the options that we believe should be taken into account when buying a USB Type C Hub that is complete and can be used in any type of circumstance:


A really complete model that offers everything that is needed and, moreover, offers a very striking finish. The USb type C port that it includes is compatible with Power Delivery with a maximum power of 87 W and, this, makes its compatibility excellent.



An accessory that offers eight additional ports, with all the indispensable ones, and which does not lack an Ethernet. The HDMI output stands out for being compatible with 4K content, which makes it a good companion for those who have to make presentations, for example. It is compatible with Powwe Delivery and has the detail of including headphone jack.

Hub USb tipo C XDDIAS Hub USB Tipo C

Nack Type-CC USB Hub

This model draws attention as it fits into the bottom of the laptop, so it does not stand out and takes up table space. With a good amount and options, such as several USB Type A ports, the truth is that it allows a great utility and, in addition, it does not lack a high speed card reader.

Hub Nack Tipo-C-C USB Hub

USB Type C USB Hub

This is a USB Type C Hub model that is intended to be used on a desktop, since it is where the device is placed to be perfect, subject. therefore, it is a good complement to use the laptop as a desktop and, in addition, it does not lack connections of all kinds and the HDMI offers Full HD at 60 Hz, an excellent brand.

Hub Rester Hub USB tipo C

Hotott Hub USB C

Excellent compatibility is the best that this accessory offers since it is possible to use it on computers such as MacBook or Google Chromebooks. With seven ports that do not lack an HDMI Full HD output and a USB Type C compatible with Power Delivery, its elongated design can fit in the backpack without problems.

Hub Hotott Hub USB C

Honmax Hub USB C

This is one of the most complete models of all that can be achieved today, since the number of additional connections that it integrates is eleven, and can be used all at once. To highlight the five USB Type A that are added to the laptop and, also, that offers two more USB Type C that allow you to recharge the computer.

Hub Honmax Hub USB C

Protable Type-C

This model, which offers a fairly long connection cable that makes it differential, has six ports where all the options that may be needed are present, such as fingerprint reader or several additional USB ports. Simple and without great boasting, the truth is that it does not clash and can be a good possibility to be quite economical.

Hub Protable Tipo-C


A USb type C hub that has a curious design and that, according to the ratings, works really well (especially the Ethenet port that it includes). It does not lack HMDI output compatible with Full HD and an outlet that allows you to recharge the laptop, so its usability is great. It offers broad compatibility with the different computers on the market.


Spark Type C

A small model that intends to add utility by offering options that laptops are usually lacking, such as an HDMI output that is compatible with Full HD. Of white color and with a simple manipulation, it is an ideal model to always carry it in the backpack.

Hub Spark Tipo C

Byttron 11 in 1 USB C Hub

A complete model among all USB Type-C Hubs. Nothing is missing, even a 4K compatible HDMI port. With a large number of additional connections, including more than six USB, this model offers a quality finish and does not clash in dimensions. The truth is that it is an accessory to take into account and well valued.

Hub Byttron 11 en 1 USB C Hub