The Best Sound Bars for Less than 100 Euros

sound-barToday, having a Smart TV with great image quality is available to the vast majority of users. Times have changed, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a model with great features. Obviously, if you want the best of the best, you will have to scratch your pocket, but for less than 600 euros you have high quality televisions.  That it will always be necessary to bet on the more and more useful sound bars.

And, although it is true that some smart TVs incorporate their own sound bar to offer a high-altitude landscape, these models are usually high-end, so their price will go from the budget of the vast majority of users. What about the rest of Smart TV? Well, they bet on a minimalist design, and that carries a price.

More than anything because, with solutions that offer a minimum thickness to be the center of attention of your living room, there is no physical space to add speakers with sufficient quality to be able to offer a sound that meets expectations. Yes, the design of your TV is the reason why it sounds so bad. Luckily, there is a wide variety of sound bars that will allow you to enjoy a much higher auditory quality and that is consistent with the image quality offered by a television.

These cheap sound bars will meet expectations

Of course, when choosing the best soundbar , you have to have a number of details in mind. Yes, the dimensions of your living room are quite important, just as if you want a 5.1 quality sound you should look for a model that integrates an external subwoofer. Are you looking for something simple for your room? Then, do not heat your head anymore and trust this compilation with the best solutions for less than 100 euros.

As expected within this price range, do not expect too complete models, but they will be more than enough to offer a remarkable improvement in terms of sound quality, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and series in your room with the best quality and without paying an excessive price.

Barra de sonido con subwoofer


We begin this compilation with a model that offers a very difficult price to beat. More than anything because, this LG SJ2 soundbar has an external subwoofer for you to enjoy a thunderous sound at a scandal price.

Philips HTL1190B/12 una de las mejores barras de sonido baratas

Philips HTL1190B / 12

Under one name impossible to pronounce lies one of the best sound bars for less than 100 euros that you will find on Amazon. For starters, Philips is already synonymous with quality. Add your Virtual Surround technology to generate a very successful surround sound, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity to pass content from your phone, and you have a tall cocktail.

barra de sonido Barra de Sonido Bomaker

Bomaker Soundbar

Another of the best models to consider, is this Bomaker solution. A soundbar that stands out for its integrated subwoofer , in addition to having a remote control so you can comfortably control it from your sofa.

Barra de sonido LG SK1


Without a doubt, one of the most compact models, what makes this LG sound bar an ideal model if your room is small and you don’t have too much space. Of course, its restrained dimensions do not remove a bit of quality to a model that will not disappoint you.

Sharp HT-SB110 2.0 Slim

Sharp HT-SB110 2.0 Slim

Another manufacturer that will not disappoint you when buying sound products is Sharp. The Japanese firm has a catalog of tall products, and within its entry range we find the Sharp HT-SB110 2.0 Slim. A sound bar that has some very interesting surprises, such as its HDMI ARC connectivity , to use the control of your Smart TV to control the volume. A detail that is appreciated, and much.

Panasonic SC-HTB200EGK

Panasonic SC-HTB200EGK

Continuing with this compilation of the best cheap sound bars that you can find on Amazon, we could not miss the opportunity to recommend this Panasonic model. And, the Japanese firm has a wide catalog of products of this type. And the Panasonic SC-HTB200EGK offers a high quality price ratio.

And, it is a very restrained model, so it is ideal for small stays. But inside it hides an 80W speaker system, in addition to Digital Surround and Dolby Digital technology.

Barra de sonido LG


While it is true that this model is the decaffeinated version of the other LG bar because it does not have a subwoofer, it is an ideal model if you do not want tackles in between. More than anything because it saves this component, although the sound will be less deep. In addition, it is the cheapest soundbar in this compilation, although its 40W of power is more than enough for any medium room.

Barra de Sonido Fityou

Fityou Soundbar

One of the most curious sound bars is this Fityou model. The reason? It is detachable. Yes, a unit that can save you from more than a hurry. More than anything because you can go to a friend or relative’s house and bring this solution with a built- in subwoofer.

Barra de sonido Sony HTSF150

Sony HTSF150 Soundbar

Within a compilation of the best sound bars , one of the solutions of the Japanese manufacturer could not be missing. And, Sony has solutions within the input, medium and high range. And this model is quite interesting. More than anything because it has great power, in addition to S-Force PRO Front Surround technology to deliver a virtual surround sound quite achieved. And yes, its HDMI ARC input will allow you to control the volume with the control of your Smart TV. Its only but? The treble are a bit lazy.

Schneider Modular SC500SND

Schneider Modular SC500SND

Without a doubt, one of the most useful solutions. More than anything because this Schneider Modular SC500SND soundbar is multi-purpose, as the name implies. In this way, we can use it as a soundbar in horizontal format, or use its base to use it in vertical format, ideal for a stay with very little space.

To this, add its 30 W of power and bluetooth connectivity to be able to listen to music directly from your mobile phone. A very complete model that will not disappoint you.