The best programming languages ​​for kids

programming languages for kids

The field of software development and programming has experienced significant growth in recent years. More and more individuals are venturing into this fascinating world to create their own projects or contribute to more extensive endeavors.

When it comes to learning programming, age is not a limiting factor. Whether we are technology experts or novices, we can dive into the captivating realm of application development. Moreover, if we have children under our care, we can introduce them to programming at an early age to gauge their interest. Of course, the learning journey will vary depending on the prior knowledge of the individual, whether they are a tech-savvy adult or a curious child.

In this article, we will focus on programming languages specifically designed for children. These languages provide an entertaining and accessible way for young learners to delve into the software sector. By exposing children to programming at an early stage, we are equipping them with valuable skills that are increasingly in demand in the professional world.

Many parents are currently seeking effective ways to introduce their children to the world of programming. It can be a challenging task to know where to begin. Now, let’s explore some programming languages tailored for children that are available today.


This platform provides a significant advantage for learning programming: it utilizes blocks that can be easily dragged and dropped onto its interface. Furthermore, it comes preloaded with a wide range of graphical and sound elements, allowing young learners to bring their own projects to life. It is a visually-oriented programming language specifically designed for children, enabling them to familiarize themselves with the essential foundations of application development.

scratch language

This approach proves highly suitable for both young children and beginners in the software sector. It offers a straightforward method that yields attractive results without excessive complexity.


Here we have another intriguing option for children looking to explore the programming field. It involves a digital programmable device equipped with an LED screen, buttons, and sensors, allowing them to create games, animations, and interactive projects. To achieve this, they can utilize a visual programming language known as MakeCode or Scratch, which we discussed earlier, among other options.

As their knowledge grows, children can progress to using text-based languages like Python. This transition enables them to tackle more complex projects as they gain a deeper understanding of programming concepts.



If you have young children and you want to introduce them to the world of technology, you may have already come across Blockly. Developed by the search giant Google, Blockly is a user-friendly code editor that revolves around the use of interlocking blocks.

With these blocks, children can create simple projects and learn the fundamentals of programming in an enjoyable manner. Blockly is based on the widely-used JavaScript language, making it both educational and engaging for your little ones.